He Misses Me! He Really Misses Me!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

So, since I've been in Colorado, when my husband and I are on the phone and I tell him I miss him, I usually get a standard response somewhere along the lines of "I know, babe, but it's just another ___ week(s) until we see other again and it'll go by so fast and you'll busy....blah blah blah." I know that it's just his way of being the comforter or trying to make things better. And it doesn't help that we aren't huge phone talkers and that Tyler isn't the BEST communicator in the world...

That's what I've been telling myself at least...until my mom recently showed me a picture she took in June, as I was getting into my car to drive 2,000 miles away from husband for 8 weeks...

Yes, that is me...doing the ugly cry. And that is my husband...laughing. (And joining him, my sister...remember, the one who called me to check on the dog while I was on a mountain in the middle of storm... Yeah, that one.)

(I do understand that this is a flattering picture of NO ONE.)

But finally, last week, my husband called me and without suggestion or provocation, very sincerely and genuinely offered, "I'm really ready for you to come home, babe. Really ready. I miss you a lot."
It only took four weeks, but...he misses me!

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