Happy Fourth of July!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy Fourth everybody!

(These are pictures Tyler took last night-- we're at Grandma & Grandpa Grassmeyer's in Nebraska.)

I'm reunited with my husband (and his our family) for the weekend and we're having a great time! It's like we're dating long distance again-- it stinks while we're apart, but it's so fun to have him waiting for me at airport and every minute together is so sweet...even if we're just running errands at Wal-Mart.

(Cohen & Daddy hiding in the cornfield at Aunt Kay's)

(Living vicariously through my nephews-- Grant is 11 weeks old and in not too long my sister will have one of these of her very own (except the baby will be wearing pink...I hope.))

Tomorrow, Grant is being baptized in his daddy's hometown and his big brother Cohen is having his second birthday party. It's hard to believe because he was just a few weeks old at our wedding and it doesn't seem that long ago! After that we're heading to Omaha for some alone time before we part ways for another three weeks... :(

Enjoy the weekend with your friends and family, and take some time to reflect on what a great country we live in! From Georgia to DC to Nebraska to Colorado...

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