Happy Blog-iversary!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy Anniversary to my blog!

(Okay, so it was last month, but would you have known that if I hadn't told you? I bet not.)

On June 15th, 2008, my little internet memoir was born... And on June 15th, 2009, I was driving across the country on a 24 hour road trip, so I couldn't properly celebrate. But today I will! So, I decided to put together a top 10 list of my favorite blogs over the past 12 13 months. If you're a new reader, this will get you up to speed. If you're not so new, here's to remembering some of the funnier, scarrier, sadder, or more enjoyable parts of the last year...

10. Who Learned Geometry Anyway? (June 25, 2008) Nothing fancy or special, but it was one of my first blogs and I have fond memories of this night in Savannah. I still agree with myself, who needs geometry?? Not me.

9. Our First Wedding Anniversary (Aug 11, 2008) I have sweet memories of our first anniversary. This a blog I wrote for my husband with a video of some of our wedding pictures.

8. Maybe We'd Have World Peace If... (Nov 29, 2008) I can't say it much better than.... I. Love. Christmas. If you don't know what Russian tea is, or have never tasted it, allow me to convince you to try it. Re-reading this already makes me wish it were December.

7. Alabama May Be Undefeated... (Nov 29, 2008) Sorry Alabama fans. Here's just a snippet of my SEC rivalry coming out. Short and sweet (and true). I'm already fired up for this year's season-- Go Dawgs!!

6. "Every Little Thing...Is Gonna Be Alright..." (Aug 26, 2008) A humorous recap of our vacation to Antigua last summer. I still daydream about that trip... And I'm pretty sure Tyler would agree, it was better than our honeymoon (not that it was bad...)!

5. Blessed (Oct 6, 2008) I wanted to include this one simply because I always want to consider myself blessed rather than considering myself smart or talented or ambitious. Our talents and circumstances (good and bad) are always a gift from the Lord and I always want to remember that.

4. Does This Mean I'm Famous? (Sept 12, 2008) Boy was I excited the first time I was ever cited by another blogger... A real blogger. One I respect (and find hilarious). Consider this my official endorsement of DawgSports. (They didn't even have to pay me.)

3. Birth Control (Nov 22, 2008) A rather humorous (I think) recap of an (I thought) fun slumber party I planned for the two daughters of some friends of ours. Needless to say, not everything went as planned...

2. What's In a Name? (July 22, 2008) I didn't get around to legally changing my name until almost a year after I was married. It was much harder than I thought and this chronicled my thoughts as I took the final step in that legal (and emotional) process.

1. The Nightmare Before Christmas (Dec 23, 2008) Sure, I could've chosen a more poignant or thoughtful blog as my favorite, but this incident still makes me laugh. And trust me, my husband still gets crap for it. Whenever Peoria, IL comes up (which isn't very often), I say "Oh yeah, I hear they have gas there...."

If you actually took the time to read any or all of these, I thank you. It's been so fun for me to keep this blog-- it's a great creative outlet, a great record of my life, and great way to get to know you. I hope you can pull from these ten blogs the things I love most in my life: Jesus Christ, my husband, my friends & family, the Georgia Bulldawgs, and Christmas.

Oh yeah, and road trips.

Here's to another year!

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