Half-way Home

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Can you believe it, I'm half-way through my time in Colorado. It's crazy how quickly time has flown by and I'm fully set to take advantage of my remaining four weeks.

My parents are coming this week because my brother in law is graduating from seminary this weekend. He doesn't want a big a deal made of it, but it's always good to find an excuse to hang out with family. Plus my mom and I are going to try to throw a little mini, last minute shower for my sis. She doesn't want a big deal made of it either, but who are we kidding. My mom and I know how to throw a party and babies are involved. Hello explosion of pastel party decorations...

Speaking of babies, I went and registered with Becky and Randy yesterday (they already registered at Babys-R-Us, so this was my sis politely letting me me scratch my baby itch. Tyler thanks you, Becky.) at Target. Holy madness, was it fun! Plus, I got to hold the scanner which my husband didn't let me do back when he was my fiancee and we were registering for the wedding. Don't think he'll be much better even when he's my baby daddy, so it's a good thing I got to do all of the fun zapping now.

Speaking of Mr. Man, I get to see him next weekend! Not this weekend, more like two weeks. But I'm excited. A good childhood friend of mine is getting married in Savannah, so we're reuniting there for a fun weekend of wedding festivities and time on the water (Speaking of which, uh, Barefoot Katie REALLY needs a tan. Sun bathing is apparently not a priority here in Colorado. Something about UV rays being harmful and cancerous....). We're also meeting Lindsey and Patrick, of Those Mitchells, as well as my cousin and his girlfriend. Throw in my brother and his new bride and we've got a nice little eight-some for the weekend! Color me excited. (No seriously...color me...I'm pale.)

Becky, Randy, and I took in my first Rockies game today with another friend (adopt-a-friend count up to six!). Rockies played the Braves, so I was a little torn on who to pull for. I didn't want to cause a ruckus, so I just pulled the whole 'When in Rome' thing and clapped with all of the manly fans wearing purple. It was a good game and it was nice to be outside for several hours (and eat hot dogs and french fries...). We also met up with Christie (of the infamous Christie on Paper) and her man, D, for ice-cream afterward. Christie's also a Colorado transplant for the summer so it's fun I've already gotten to see her twice.

I'm hiking "The Incline" tomorrow morning since it's my day off. It's an old railroad trail that is now a bunch of steps going up the side of a mountain. 1 mile straight up. And then I'm running the 2.5 mile trail back down. I'm pretty excited about it. I'll let you know how it goes. Remember, I don't altitude or hills so if you haven't heard from me in a few days... Call for help.

That's enough of an update for now. Thanks for reading, thanks for caring!

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