What I Learned at Jack Quinn's

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I went to Jack Quinn's again tonight. Night #2. One step closer to my free t-shirt. Becky didn't go with me so I was free to run. And run I did. Here are a few things I learned...

(A picture of the bar afterward... A record number 936 runners participated last week!)
1. I don't do altitude.

2. I don't do hills.

3. I'm stubborn enough to run hills at high altitudes so that the people behind me I just passed won't see me walk. (But wanting to stop every second of the way.)

4. I get very excited about red lights and "Don't Walk" signs.

5. I will do A LOT for a free t-shirt.

6. It doesn't matter that I don't have anyone to run with me or drink beer with afterwards because NOTHING in me wants to drink beer after running.

7. Running is a diuretic. (Okay, so I knew that.) But I probably should've used the bathroom in the restaurant afterward... I drove home as fast as legally possible, but I really thought I was going to pull a Charlotte York for a minute. (I didn't.)

That's all-- Happy Tuesday!

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