Week in Review

Friday, June 26, 2009

Yes, another one. It's what I do when I'm overdue on blogging, but I'm short on time and need to write SOMETHING. And I'm always a little disappointed in myself because I have good ideas floating around in my head and the best of intentions to share them (because you're SO interested, right? Yes, I thought so.)

I think my body is stuck on east coast time... I'm EXHAUSTED by 9:30 every night and getting up at 6am every morning is surprisingly not difficult, which is completely opposite of what I usually do. I work until 5:30, which means I'm home by 6 and then decompress for an hour or so. Then I've got to eat dinner, get some form of exercise in, and...then I reach my waaaay too early bedtime, which leaves no time for blogging!

Anyway, enough about me.

Just kidding, this is my blog.

So, I've reached the end of week 2 in Colorado Springs. Some of this week's more exciting events?

1. A local restaurant in Colorado Springs, Jack Quinn's, has a running event every Tuesday where everyone comes downtown and starts a 3 mile run that begins at the restaurant. Afterward, everyone that participates gets $2 beer and free spaghetti. Fun, right? (And counterproductive, yes.) Except I went with my pregnant sister and her 9 months pregnant, already 4 cm dilated friend. So, we didn't run, we didn't drink beer, and we didn't stay for the spaghetti. BUT, I did join the running club and received credit for showing up, so I'm one step closer to getting my free running shirt!

2. Nine months pregnant, 4 cm dilated friend went into labor Tuesday night and gave birth to a teeny tiny, adorable little girl named Stella early on Thursday morning, so Randy, Becky, and I went to visit the proud new parents in the hospital after work. She was so small and very un-newborn looking (read: cute). They even let me hold her... Adopt-a-friend count is now up to 5.

3. Conducted my first eval this week (when a pt first comes in and you review their history with them, assess their strength, balance, ask special questions, etc...). Was a bit nervous but had it all planned out. We'd picked a new patient with a seemingly straight forward case. Then she arrived at the clinic, filled out her paperwork, and five minutes before the eval I was able to look over her full medical history. Why was she there? She'd just had brain surgery. For a brain tumor. Awesome. (I managed to make it through.)

4. I drove to AND from work today WITHOUT using my GPS. I've done to and I've done from, but never both in one day (I always manage to miss a street somewhere...)! I think that makes me an official unofficial Colorado Springs-ian.

5. I was finally able to by a fleece vest with the hospital logo yesterday, which means I can now wear my regular clothes to work and just throw the vest on to make me official. This compared to wearing either a maroon or hunter green logo polo with khakis (pretty much the only color pant you can wear with maroon or dark green...and I am NOT a khakis girl. I look like a man in khakis and a polo. I mean, come on. Tyler asks me what he should wear to a function and I say "khakis and a polo." It's a man outfit. And I am not a man. Anyway...) So, moral of the story. I don't look like a grocery bagger at work now.

Stay tuned, I PROMISE I'm going to blog about more interesting things...things promised weeks ago. Like wedding stories, road trip stories... Even Show Us Where You Live Friday has been moved to Show Us Where You Live Saturday (NOT my fault...husband deleted all of the pictures I took of our bedroom...). I really promise. Now I have to do it.

I'm off to Ft. Collins to see Christie tomorrow and if Christie's involved, there's likely a good story to come of it. Stay tuned.

(I know, I already said that. But really, stay tuned. I promise to be a better blogger.)

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