Monday, June 01, 2009

Check me out, folks! I am getting so much done these days! Everything ranging from re-hanging those darn pictures to sending emails to squaring away paperwork for clinical. I'm feeling productive. And I love it.

And since we have a fancy dancy camera (and nothing too interesting to take pictures with) we took pictures of my ever-so-exciting adventures!

Well, of course, after an afternoon at the pool with friends yesterday...

Doing this...

(Yes- those are pineapples and peaches...)

We came home and did this... Can you guess what our goal was??

Poking more holes in belts! (Who would've thought this is what it takes.) Man, Husband and I make a good team... We had this whole system going. I measured and marked, Tyler drilled, and THEN (I thought this was genius) he held a nail in a flame until it was nice and hot and cauterized the leather. Smart man.

And of course, an update on "the wall." Here's the final resting place of our pictures... I like it and I think Tyler does too (though he's still having trouble adjusting to the pictures themselves, calling them "Grandma-y").

And here's a picture of me framing them. This is my "Okay, I see that you're taking pictures of me sitting here, so I'll look up and give you my 'Please stop taking pictures of me' smile if you'll please stop taking pictures of me..."

I admit, I have a ridiculous collection of Pottery Barn catalogs. I have catalogs from winter, early winter, spring, late spring, summer...dating back to 2005. I even have surviving catalogs from my parent's house fire. Stained black covers and all (the inside is perfect!). Well, I decided it was time to go through them and rip out the ideas and products I liked and chunk the rest. I was really running out of space to keep them... (And not living up to my "Get Organized" resolution-- yes, I'm still keeping up with my New Year's resolutions!) It's been fun going through them, except now I want to re-decorate our whole place. (Cue trip to Home Goods)

(This picture doesn't do them justice, but man- look at the quality of that picture!)

Took a trip to Home Goods this AM... They must get their shipments in on Mondays mornings because HOLY COW was I overwhelmed. I could have easily spent a few thousand dollars in there...but I only spent $8. I'm taking Tyler back when he gets home from work so we can daydream together. Poor sucker.

THEN, I went to Giant in search of Baconnaise and alas...couldn't find it. I will not give up my search though- are you kidding? Bacon flavored mayonniase?? Does it get any better? I think not, my friend...

Then there was the bank, the post office, blah, blah, blah, and the CVS Minute Clinic. I am now completely, without a doubt SOLD on the Minute Clinic concept. Good luck ever getting me to find a GP now. I walked in without a wait, registered electronically, got the shot I needed (TB test to work in the hospital), had a pleasant conversation with the nice young FNP, paid $20, and walked out. I have tried to get a GP up here before but the wait to get an appointment is ridiculous (like, months) which is no good when you're sick. I mean, I do have other doctors, just not a GP... So next time I need a doctor (or nurse practitioner) I'm going to the Minute Clinic. Consider this my official endorsement. (I did not take a picture, however...)

LASTLY, I did some decorating/re-arranging... I decided I'm subconsciously trying to make myself feel less guilty about leaving Tyler by himself for two months by fixing up the house (even though I know he probably doesn't give two scents about what's on the wall, but...). Lindsey, I finally framed those pictures of Savannah we bought last summer!

Anywho- aren't I being good? Some people are probably this productive everyday, but not me... So I had to brag...

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