If I Only Had a Toothbrush

Monday, June 15, 2009

Lindsey and I are 23.5 hours into our 24 hour road trip from Georgia to Colorado and oh man do I wish my toothbrush were not in the trunk of my car.

We have driven through the night, feasted on Chedder Bunnies, cupcakes, apples, bananas, Fiber One bars, M&Ms, Sonic Blasts, Subway sandwhiches, Arby's meals, and gross gas station coffee drinks. My hair is greasy and only half way through our trip did my updo from the Saturday night wedding finally come down. I want a bed like you wouldn't believe (not a 2 hour orientation at the hospital immediately upon arrival). I'm getting pressure sores on my butt.

But, really- what I really, really (really) want is a toothbrush.

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