Friday, June 05, 2009

I have cold feet!!

Sad, cold, feet...

It's my last day here before I head off on my unpaid deployment summer adventure. In theory, it sounded like all fun and games to move to Colorado and hang out with my (pregnant) big sis and her husband for the summer. This was back in January that I decided to do this. Me and Mr. Man, who are pretty non-co-dependent, were both like, "Sure! It'll be fine! It's just a few months. It'll be a great experience...once in a lifetime..."

And NOW it's time for me to pack up all of my stuff and kiss my hubs goodbye for NINE weeks.



My clinic doesn't actually start until the 16th, but my brother is getting married next weekend so I'm heading south for all of the festivities leading up to it (for that, I AM excited). Mr. Man, though, the one with the yob, can't just take the week off so I'm essentially tacking an extra week onto my already 8 week absence.

I KNOW that I'll have a GREAT time with my sister (and Randy, Reed, Alana...and all of my other adopt-a-friends for the summer). I'm actually very excited. I'm just not jumping out of my chair to say sayonara to my husband...

So here I am...sitting in the middle of the living room with a few open suitcases and lots and lots of piles of clothes...being kind of sad and pathetic.

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