Sunday, May 24, 2009

Man, we are lazy today. I mean, really, really, haven't-even-brushed-my-teeth-today lazy. The kind of lazy where you try to make yourself feel better about how lazy you're being by telling yourself you're resting up or deserve a break, but in reality...you just feel fat and worthless and wish you had a reason to go do something. And the longer we sit here, the lazier and lazier I get.


Husband looks like he's been trapped on a desert island with four days of stubble growth and a sunburn from the pool yesterday, neither of us have showered since Friday, and all we've done today is eat, nap, and watch TV. We only managed to crawl out of our cave long enough to go get more food to eat.

Seriously, we're disgusting human beings. We'll try to be a better example to the human race tomorrow.

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