Late Night Cravings

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

So for many, 1:30 AM is on the late side of the night. If you're me or my brother David (or anyone else raised by my mother...), you're just hitting your second wind. So that's me. I eat dinner late, hit the gym late, and then stay overstimulated for next 2 or 3 hours, researching, reading, or just thinking. And since school is finished for now, there's no stopping my late night daydreams.

So here I am, having a craving. I've been on a huge Corey Smith kick for the last few weeks (TGrass can attest, I profress my love for him many a time a day), which has me thinking a lot about Athens, which then stirs up a lot of college/north Georgia sentiment. This then leads to thinking about driving to and from my favorite college town. Not to or from here, of course (who cares about the interstate?), but Savannah-- something I haven't done probably since Easter of my senior year. I knew full well when I took that drive up Highway 15 from Savannah to Athens, it may be my last for some time...and it was.

I love solo road trips and was always particularly fond of the days I'd leave Athens on a late Friday afternoon when the sun was still bright, but just on the verge of starting its descent. I'd roll the windows down and sing so loud and long I'd be hoarse by the time I made it home. It wasn't the rolling farmland and sunsets alone, it was the anticipation of my destination. A weekend at home, knowing my mom was scurrying in preparation to have the house just right by the time I got there, complete with some poppyseed chicken (and some pinebark, if I was lucky).

Who knows, still, the next I'll make that drive. When will I ever be in Athens and heading back South? Not even when I graduated was I afforded that final drive home-- I headed north to DC the next day (and cried all the way to South Carolina...). We make it back for at least a game per season, but the route never includes my favorite Georgia highway.

So here I am at nearly 2 AM now, craving a few carefree hours in my old '90 Accord, windows rolled down with just a few hours of remaining daylight...

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