Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Remember how I said I wanted to do something with the main wall of our "dining room" last week? Well, after two hours of pacing and measuring and comparing (and pacing, measuring, and comparing some more) at AC Moore today, I came home with 8 frames and 10 mats because I just couldn't make a decision.

One thing I DID decide was what exactly I would frame. It was an all out battle on aisle 9 between a set of 5 antique-ish botanical prints I already had or 12 2009 calendar prints from Ling's Little Calendar, which I already frame, just individually month to month. The botanical prints won out because the Ling prints just didn't fit any of the mats correctly and cutting 12 of my own would have turned my little afternoon late-into-the-evening project into something much bigger than I intended...and more expensive.

After laying out my purchases at home, playing with arrangements, comparing mat colors and wall colors and print colors...I was still nowhere. So I just framed a few in different prints in different mats to get the full idea. The process of nailing the hardware to all of the frames, centering and framing the prints, preserving the plastic liners for what products would be returned, removing what is currently on the wall, measuring, calculating, drawing, properly spacing, leveling, re-assessing, calling for back-up to approve heights and widths and spaces took me 3 hours. Mind you, the very first thing I did before nailing a single nail into the wall was to call in Husband for layout approval. Too high? Too low? Too right? Okay. Perfect.

So, as I place the last frame on the wall-- yes, three hours later-- Husband walks in and says, "Do you think the whole thing's just a little too high?"
I didn't get mad. I didn't yell. I didn't make a face.

I blankly started at him.

Then, Mad Wife Thoughts That I Don't Say Out Loud (MWTTIDSOL), the same ones from Christmas, showed up: "Are you kidding me?? The first thing I asked you was if the top pictures were too high! I've been measuring and hanging and taking down and re-measuring and re-hanging and asking for your opinion this entire time. Is this too high? No? Okay, Great. I'll put a nail in the wall. And I will proceed to hang all of these other pictures around this one picture that you do not think is too high."

But here's the crappy thing. When I look at the wall, I'm OK with it. But when I take a picture of the wall, I sort of think it IS too high. Crap. And I STILL can't decide between the cream or green.

Here's where you come in, readers. Be honest. I won't be mad at you like I was mad at Husband who watched me do this for three hours and then tell me when I'm done that it looks wrong (However, if you have comments for Husband, feel free to leave those also. He reads this.). Are the pictures too high? If I lower them, will the bottom pictures be too low? Currently, they're about elbow height.

(I think they definitely look too high here.)

(But not so much here.)

And what about the mat colors? I think the cream makes the pictures stand out, but they're the exact same color as the wall...

But could I really handle it if they were all green? Would it be too much? Should I try to find different mats altogether? I'm starting to just hate the whole wall now...

Help! Anyone. Everyone. Feedback. I need.

P.S. I realize this is frivolous, lest anyone think I'm being too dramatic. (ME?? Dramatic?)

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