Happy Birthday, Beck!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

(My favorite picture of me and Becky is from this same night; it's a close-up of both of us laughing and it's framed in my bedroom, but I don't have the digital copy. Becky does...and apparently she's not answering my phone calls today, so...)

Today is my sister's 29th birthday (yep, as in her LAST twenty-something birthday.). Becky is one of my absolute favorite people... I may have two triplet brothers, but my big sis is my emotional twin. We pretty much have the same opinions and emotional responses to pretty much everything. Who knows where I would be now if she hadn't sat on the phone with me and listened to me cry and worry and "what if" days before my wedding when I was in a total panic. She'd been through the same thing leading up to her wedding and she understood my every fear. (Don't worry husbands, it was just pre-wedding jitters-- we love you very much!) We can make each other cry simply by talking about hypothetical sad situations...who does that? We do.

And lest you think all we do is cry, we do laugh a lot! Becky and I can crack ourselves up simply by remembering the awkward look on Randy's face when he walked in as I was aloe-ing up my very sunburned sister on a cruise a few years ago. Or the ridiculous trip, me, Becky, and Mom took trying to get out of that stupid parking garage after hours and we joyfully walked out of the garage...to find ourselves in the back alley of a CVS...where a semi was being unloaded by some very large men.

Matching easter dresses, me following you around when we were little, ballet and piano recitals, me stealing your clothes in high school, Six Flags pictures, me reading your notes in middle school, our road trip through Santa Fe... I am so lucky to have so many great memories with my big sis and I can't wait to spend the summer with you making more (hopefully laughing-- not crying). AND I can't wait to see you become a momma. You're going to be awesome. I love you, Beck!

(Enjoy your last year of youth. Hahahaha...)

Update: I decided to just take a picture of the picture. This is my fave picture of us... Isn't she cute?

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