American Idol

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

School's out for summer, the weather's a cool 75 degrees (when it's not raining), and DC is lush and green... But how do I really know it's finally May?

American Idol finales, baby.

Not a fan? Allow me to brainwash you for a minute: yooooooou waaaaaaant kriiiiiis to wiiiiiiin.

I admit, Danny and Adam won me over early, Danny with his voice and his story, Adam with his rendition of "Do You Believe" by Cher during Hollywood week. But Danny and Adam no more (sure, I still think they're talented). Kris Allen, "the dark horse," has won me over.

Danny's great and fun to watch, but does the same Michael McDonald-esque songs every week. And Adam consistenly "makes songs his own" but he also does the same thing every tme: "Gee, I wonder if Adam's going to open the song slowly and dramatically and then break into 80s hair band style screeching at the end?" And for the record, I HATE it when he sticks his tongue out. (I tried to find a picture to exhibit the creepy habit, but alas could not find one, though googling his name yields some...interesting pictures.)

Kris has covered Kanye West, the Beatles, One Republic, Michael Jackson, Garth Brooks... Sometimes he's on guitar, sometime's he's on the piano. He's cute, nice, and humble. He's just good.

Sorry Norman... My cell phone's calling a new number on Tuesday nights. So, readers, vote for Kris. (That's what all the cool kids are doing.)

P.S. Is anyone besides me excited for "Glee" to start? Maybe it's just the provided opportunity to fist pump and sing Journey songs at every commercial break, but the ploy is working. I'll be tuning in.

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