Top Ten: Easter Edition

Thursday, April 16, 2009

In an attempt to sum up our trip Savannah, I came up with a top ten list of the best things that happened during our quick four days there...

10. Mom had 12 Easter cupcakes waiting for me... I didn't eat nearly enough of them, but they sure were purty. The chocolate peanut butter one was my fave.

9. Usually Mom gets the brunt, but Charles fully earned the 'we're-going-to-make-fun-of-you-all-weekend' award last weekend and make fun of him we did. "Jim, the guy I lived with for a year...." He doesn't take it nearly as well as he dishes it out.

8. A steadily paced three hour Easter brunch at the Mansion. We managed our three five square meals for the day by 12 o'clock...

7. I can never complain about the availability of eight hours to car dance down I-95... (If you don't know what car dancing is.... you're probably not fun to road trip with.)

6. A beach + A bottle of suntain oil + And my college roommate = a perfect afternoon

5. A huge meal consisting entirely of fried food: Fried onions, fried shrimp, fried oysters, and "spuds" (battered fried potatoes). Thank you, Tubby's.

4. Mom insists they're just regular pillows from Home Goods, but Lord help me if I've ever been able to find such pillows as the ones on my bed at home. I would be lying if I said Tyler and I haven't been plotting how to steal them...

3. Three words: seafood cheese dip.

2. 80 degrees, blue skies, and no humidity. (Meanwhile, back in DC: 45 degrees, dark skies, lots o' rain)

1. Just being home. Nothing beats it. It was the perfect cure for my crummy week.

Don't you love Easter clothes?

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