Thoughts from an airport

Thursday, April 30, 2009

So, I'm at the airport this AM preparing to fly to Lincoln for a friend's wedding. For someone who's just finished up several days of finals and consistently very early mornings, I am none too pleased to have already been awake for 2 hours. My cab picked me up at 7:30 which is what I requested, but I booked it a little early, just in case... Well, they weren't late, in fact he was early. So there I was, all checked in and raring to go at 7:50 for a 9:30 flight...

That's when I realized, "Ooooh. This is why I'm always late. Because given the choice, I'd rather cut it heart beating-ly, running through the airport close for the opportunity to spend 30 more minutes in bed." It's THAT worth it to me.

So then comes my next dilemma. I'm dying of thirst, not all that hungry, and not at all awake. So, do I buy water or coffee? Water will quench my thirst and just the thought of coffee when you're really thirsty, is bleh to me. But the idea of water when I really need to wake up is also unappealing.

So, you think- "Just buy water and sleep on the plane." But I don't sleep well on planes and still have an hour plus until I board. So it's be awake but really tired and grumpy, or awake and pleasant, but still really thirsty...

So then you think, "Well, buy a coffee and a water." To which I respond- are you kidding?? Coffee and water?? That, like...quadruples my urine output! No, whatever the word for "multiplies by 40" is what it would do to my urine output. Coffee is bad enough, but to down a bottle of water too? I'm got a window seat, people and I'm too polite for all that...

So, I went for the coffee. Dunkin' Donuts extra large. I'm still thirsty and still yawning.

And just in case you were wondering, Corey Smith is my favorite person to listen to when I'm trying to perk up. "If That's Country" always make me laugh, partly because it sounds like something my brother David would have written. "Technology" is one I also love... I might just play it continuously on my way out to Colorado, if I ever make it. "I've never been to Coloradooooo..."

Also, did you know that 70% of your balance comes by way of your big toe? Yeah. So take care of that guy...he's a useful one.

Okay, my flight boards in ten minutes now and I gotta go to the bathroom...

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