Photo Essay

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I never really followed through with any updates on my trip last month or the fun snowfalls we had and have been short on time due to the end of semester rush (among many other obligations), so here's a quick recap via pictures. Thanks for reading, thanks for caring. :)

P.S. Can you BELIEVE I only have one month of school left until I'm considered a THIRD YEAR? I can't.

Some snow pictures from a dump back in January.
(This is the same park the fall pictures are from.)
You know me and cupcakes... Can't pass up a new spot. Here I am enjoying a red velvet from Dots in Pasadena, CA. Not bad. (CAN there be a bad cupcake?)

Here's where Lindsey and I did not want to break down on our mini roadtrip from Glendora to Vegas. Nevada dessert or van from Into the Wild?-- you make the call.

It is ridiculous how few pictures we have together. Here's a rare shot.

Vegas, baby. Don't let the blue sky fool you into thinking it was warm.

A smallgroup of Marymount-ers at a reception in Vegas.


The Dancing Fountain at the Bellagio. A must see.

More snow in the park in March.

I love this picture....

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