The Bag Lady Lives On...

Monday, March 16, 2009

I love purses. Big purses. I always have. According to Stacy and Clinton, it's to offset abnormally large butts, which makes total sense for me, but I digress. I have a very distinct memory from 5 or 6 of my family teasing me and calling me "The Bag Lady" because I always had a purse(s) with me.

These days, I still find myself overloaded with bags... I've got a giant purse, a tote that I carry in lieu of a book bag, a gym bag of sorts I carry on days I have lab at school, and this really "functional," BUTTERFLY-decorated, cooler (read: NOT cool, but it's better than the plastic grocery bag I used to carry...and I "won it" in Las Vegas after I convinced the guy to give it to me for free after not winning it the according-to-the-rules-way... In fact, I could write an entire blog on the ridiculous items I collected during the conference that I knew I would not actually want 48 hours later, but the idea of so many free things at once was overwhelming to me, a salary-less grad student, I just couldn't say no. "Yes, please-- I would LOVE another deck of cards." Even knowing I'd have to find a way to lug them home in my 50 lbs our less suitcase, I took them. But I digress...again.)

So, I leave the house every morning overwhelmed with my bags (Tyler asked me this morning, "Are you moving out?"), drop the bags off on the passenger side of the car (I can't possibly get into the car with all of that stuff), go into school, and one at a time drop my bags off like I'm taking my kids to school. Cooler goes into the fridge...gym bag goes to the locker room...tote bag goes to whatever classroom I'm in...purse stays with me. Most people aren't aware of my ridiculous collections until the end of the day when I've picked all of the kids back up from school and I'm headed home, standing at the elevator with fourteen bags around my shoulders, juggling a bottle of water and lukewarm cup of coffee. Then I get a, "Geez Kate, you got enough bags??" (Maybe I DO need a Volvo SUV, Tyler.)

So it's true what the psychologists say-- your personality and interests are nearly developed in full by the age of 5. From 5 to 25 to forever...I'm The Bag Lady.

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