Worn Out

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hi readers! I know it's been awhile since I've written- I have been one busy chick. I'm currently on my 2009 Spring Tour, making my way around the western US... I've been to LA and Pasadena, spent five days in Las Vegas, and now I'm on my way to Tucson to visit family. I. Am. Exhausted.

The airport is always a welcome place to write a quick catch-up though. Plus, EVERYONE around me is having ridiculous conversations that I need to drown out. The lady behind me is talking on her cell phone about how her fear of flights is increasing and giving very detailed descriptions of every flight she's taken in the last six months. The old woman across from me is talking about how the guy she's seeing is "nice and cute, but...not very exciting." Meanwhile, her friend is breaking down the price of different gum brands by the piece. Now they're debating how many ounces are in cups and pints. They're really into math, I guess.

I have a little too much to update to get done on a blackberry, but briefly I can say I had a great time seeing Lindsey and Patrick in Glendora. I had a fun flight out (Virgin America is my new favorite airline) sitting near one of the guys from Pimp My Ride and me and the guys next to me spent half the flight trying to figure out funny ways to find out if it was him or not. Linds and I spent Saturday shopping in Pasadena and even accomplished some wall painting while I was there. I also made my first ever trip to Loehmann's. Nicole Miller dresses for $40. I was ecstatic.

Vegas was fun, crazy, and very educational. I learned so much from the sessions I attended at the conference- lots of peds classes on CP, pediatric cancer, brain injuries, coordination and balance problems... It's nerdy how much I liked them. There was also the exhibit hall- every student's dream. Tons and tons of free stuff. Most of it is junk, some of it's cool, and the rest I'll pass off to my little brothers. I keep the travel mugs and pens, the yo-yos, eight balls, and whistles go to the boys. My parents might hate me, but maybe it'll buy me some Casey-and-Will love.

The Vegas strip was so fun. Kind of like Disney World for adults (mind the nudy advertisements everywhere). The insides of the casinos were so cool- Paris, the Venetian, and New York were my favorites. And I LOVED the dancing fountain at the Bellagio. We also hit up a "recruiting social" at the penthouse in the Hard Rock. It was fun...except for the HIGHLY inappropriate things happening behind closed doors that convinced me I would never work for that company. Ever. My feet also hate me. Every morning when I've gotten out of bed, they've been like, "AAAAAH!! Please, no more."

We went to see KA last night- a Circque du Soleil show. It was very neat, but we were all so exhausted that we were fighting to stay awake sitting still in the dark theater for two hours. Overall, it was a great trip with my classmates. We spend so much time at school- what a contrast to spend a week in Vegas together. We bonded, that's for sure. I still wonder how we convinced our professors to give us a week off of class to let us go to Vegas AND have the school pay for it AND have them so excited about it. We're smart cookies.

I'm off to Tucson for the weekend to spend time with my brother David, my dad, step-mom, and little brothers. I haven't been to Tucson since 2006, when Tyler proposed, so I'm overdue for a visit.

That's all for now- thanks for reading, thanks for caring.

Check ya later, dudes!

P.S. I also wanted to throw in how NICE it'll be to see my husband this Sunday! I'll have been done for 10 days by the time I get home and we're not good phone talkers, so I miss you Tyler!

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