Thoughts from this week

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Just a few things, observations, musings, happenings, what have you from this week...

1. I SWEAR, I'm moving on from Christmas... But I was cleaning off my DVR this week and watched a Dr. Phil from before Christmas about people who take the holiday to extremes and people were talking about the worst Christmas gifts they'd ever received. This one guest gave her 30-year old daughter HER UMBILICAL CORD inside of clear plastic Christmas ornament and her son their old CREMATED FAMILY DOG. I laughed. Hysterically. Who does that?? Another audience member claimed she'd received a ceramic vase for Christmas in which to keep her ashes after she died. Another, a fruitcake from her neighbor that was half-eaten. Where do these people come from??

2. The college football season is over as of Thursday, but I'm just not as sad as I usually am. I know Georgia doesn't win the national championship every year or anything, but for whatever reason, I was SUPER disappointed in my team this year. Heartbreakers, those Bulldawgs.

3. Stafford and Moreno left for the draft. I wasn't shocked, but I wasn't fully prepared for it. My opinion? They're not true Bulldawgs... Green and Pollock stayed all four years, these guys should've. Stafford gets more leeway from me than Moreno. As much hype as Moreno received, he played A SEASON AND A HALF of college football. He might be awesome in the NCAA, but I'm not sure a season and a half is enough time to prepare a 21 year old for the NFL. I sincerely hope they do well and represent Georgia, but I'm a skeptic. All I have to say is: Musa Smith.

4. The Braves didn't re-sign John Smoltz after 22 seasons with them. ARE YOU KIDDING?? Disappointing week for me in the wide world of sports.

5. Resolutions are going well, but I still have many things to get done before I start school on Monday. Most of them falling under the "Get Organized" category, which I will write more on later.

6. The Florida Gators are the national champions. I know, as a resident fan of the SEC that I should be pleased, but it's Florida. Ugh. And Tim Tebow. I know he's a good guys. I used to say, "I hate it that Tim Tebow's such a good guy, because I just want to hate him...but I can't." That's slowly changing. I don't know what it is. I respect his faith and find him to be a sincere person, but... it's just not as hard for me to not like him as it used to be. I get kind of a cocky vibe from him on the side lines (and the whole let's-run-up-the-score-on-everyone-we play-even-when-it's-the-fourth-quarter-and-we're-beating-them-54-3 kind of thing). Everyone has their faults and for all of the Tim Tebow worshipping the commentators do, it'd be hard not to have a bit of an ego. But did anyone HEAR the commentators in Thursdays game? Give me a break. And then that unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on Tebow confirmed it all. I hate that gator chomp. H-A-T-E it.

7. My little brother Casey is now eight. Hard to believe. I still have voice mails saved on my phone from when he was three and four... Now he's a big ol' second grader. I'm heading west next month and I'll get to spend a few days in Arizona with my brothers, Dad, and stepmom. I can't wait.

8. I went to the fabric store this week to try to find fabric for different projects I have in mind, but I was a little overwhelmed, left empty handed, and think I'm now scared of sewing... Looks like I'll have to watch the free DVD from Martha Stewart to summon up the courage...

9. It's now 2009. Do you know what that means? I can now say, "I'm graduating from PT school next year," or "I'll have my doctorate next year," or "I'll have a paycheck next year," or "I'll never have to go to school ever again after next year," or "That's DOCTOR Grassmeyer to you" or best yet... "We're going to Italy next year!" I'm excited for everything that's in store for 2009, but 2010...that'll be a good year.

I was going to try to bring the count to 10, but... You just can't make things come to be that aren't. So, those are my thoughts for the week... Thanks for reading, readers!

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