Christmas Mourning

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I asked my husband yesterday if we could keep the Christmas tree up all year long and this is what he sent me, the Meyer Minute by Dale Meyer. I've been a pretty lazy blogger these days, so I thought I'd at least post this. Someone I can relate to!

"If grief is a feeling of loss, then December 26th is a day when I feel grief. The few radio stations that carried quality Christmas music the 25th drop it the 26th. TV shows Christmas trees going to recycling stations and shoppers reverting to their consumer addiction. It’s the world pressuring me, “Get on with it; get over the Baby!”So this day, Epiphany, helps me deal with the grief. In eastern Christianity January 6th is the day Christ’s coming is celebrated. For western traditions today recalls the story of the Magi (Matthew 2:1-12) and reminds us that Christ not only came for Jews but also for Gentiles, which includes me and probably you. But that’s not why I value Epiphany. As a kid I was impressed that our church left its two huge Christmas trees up several weeks into January. The reason was…and still is…that Epiphany is more than a day; it’s a season designed to continue Christmas. Through Scripture and hymns the Epiphany season plays out the ramifications of the Savior’s coming for our lives. So I protest our culture telling me to get over the Baby. Our tree and decorations are defiantly still up."

“Now, though daily Earth’s deep sadness may perplex us and distress us, yet with heavenly joy You bless us!” (Philiipp Nicolai)

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