An Update

Monday, December 08, 2008

So, I haven't posted lately... I knew things were going to be insane after Thanksgiving and they are! I had three tests last week, with two papers due-- one of them being our final thesis proposal, which ended up being 30 pages long. That's just our proposal, the study hasn't even been run. When all is said and done, that sucker is going to be loooooong! This week, I have a final everyday... I had the first practical slot this morning, so I was done early, only to get home and absolutely bite it on a patch of ice on my way inside. I spent the rest of my morning taping ice packs to my knee and cleaning up blood... Relaxing, right?

Tyler is out of town for a few days this week meeting with clients in Indianapolis and Dallas. It always seems to work out that he's gone during finals, which is good. It allows me to take over the house and stay up all night... He'll be back on Wednesday, just in time to help me start cleaning.

Friday night is the Russ Reid Christmas party, which is being hosted at our community clubhouse and any afterparty will carry over to our place, which means... THE BOSS IS COMING OVER! So we've got quite an extensive list of things to get done before everyone comes over. We're fully decorated (are we ever!), but having eight finals in eight days isn't conducive to keeping things tidy... We were going to just hire a maid service, but have you ever gotten quotes for that?? I'd rather get my hair done....

My friend Jess and I are heading to NYC this weekend after we both finish our finals. We'll just be there for two days, but my mom is coming up to meet me on Monday night when Jess comes back to DC. J and I are seeing Mary Poppins on Sunday night (I'm very excited) and Mom and I are seeing Spamalot on Tuesday (I saw Spam in February when T and I were there for Valentine's, but it's hilarious and I'm also very excited to see it. Who says you can tire of Clay Aiken?? Not me!) The rest of the time will be filled with bargain jewelry shopping, shady purse dealings, cupcake eating from Magnolia's, and Christmas window shopping. I am so excited! It's getting me through finals...

My time with Tucker has really progressed lately. It took some adjusting and time getting comfortable with the family, but I'm starting to see subtle changes even in just a few weeks. I haven't taken my Neurorehab or Pediatrics classes (3rd year) so I was feeling a little out of my element, but I've been to a few PT visits with Tucker and his mom to see what they do. We've developed a nice little rhythm of activities and time with him usually passes quickly. It's affirmed me in the specialty I've always thought I wanted, but never had the experience to back it up.

I think that's about all! I'll have pictures up of our holiday decor once the house is clean. We're planning on renting out our place for the Inauguration, so we have to take some pictures the place anyway for the ad. Have you seen how much people are asking?? Tyler thinks it's a little weird to have people staying here and I agree, but come on... Maybe I'm just seeing it through my salary-less grad student eyes, but we'd be fools to not take advantage of this opportunity!

Anyway, pictures and more updates later! Thanks for reading and thanks for caring. :)

P.S. I just checked out my knee-- it is SWOLLEN. I know I'm in PT school, but I've pretty much never hurt myself (unless sore thumbs from Nintendo count). I think my most drastic injury (other than cutting my finger open while trying to get into a banana when I was five) was an ankle sprain in middle school playing ultimate frisbee (Thanks, Steve... "Just run it off!"). For awhile, I thought about doing a "Gross PT Picture of the Day" on here, showing you all of the nasty injuries we look at in orthapedics, but I never started it... Maybe I should start with my knee?

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