Road Trippin' It

Friday, December 19, 2008

Here we go again... Tyler and I spend an obscene amount of time in the car. I guess we're just too cheap to fly, but I think we also secretly enjoy the time together (don't tell anyone). In a few years, we won't be able to do this and I think we'll always consider this a fun "remember when." I think it's also a test run for the three week road trip we're planning for Tyler's 30th birthday next summer. Can we really do it... Do we really WANT to do it?

We're 4 hours into our 20+ hour trip to Nebraska for Christmas. Tyler typically does most of the driving, while I do most of the singing. I have a ridiculous knowledge of music lyrics, but T has a great head bob and fills in words where he can. When we really get tired though, we break out the Broadway scores and sing at the top of our lungs. And don't be fooled- Tyler knows every word there. If you ever need two people to re-enact Rent for you...

We've made our way through Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and we're making our way through a sliver of West Virginia to get into Ohio, where I'm hoping to run into Christie and force feed her some White Castle. Yes, White Castle. I realize it's the northern version of Krystals, but it's a Way family tradition. With every trip to Kentucky as a kid, we never ever ever missed a trip to White Castle, so to me it spells nostalgia and deliciousness. I've picked out my spot for dinner! I eat in honor of my dad and in memory of my Pop Way.

We're currently going zero miles an hour on the side of a mountain (Tyler's taking construction, I'm taking accident). It was sunny for awhile, but most of the day has been spent in the rain and snow. We've driven through some great mountain towns- the kind with rooftops scattered in the mountainside and old factories and copper steeples disappear into low lying clouds. We always seem to find an old house we say we'd like to buy and fix up.

We're also taking over-unders on how many times Tyler's mom is going to call during the course of our trip (Hi Debby!). She's currently at 3, but I'll keep you updated. Any takers? We've made two bathroom stops and the most interesting town name we've seen is Flintstone.

Update (3 PM): Traffic was neither construction or accident-related. Just mystery traffic. And we just crossed a bridge into Ohio. My first time ever in the state. Honk honk!

Update #2 (8:45 PM): Took awhile to get through Ohio. Just stopped for dinner in Indianapolis and also made a quick stop at a local mall for a last minute Christmas gift for someone. Needless to say, we stood out. When we asked about sweaters in bigger sizes, we were referred to the Sean Jean area. I SO wish we had found Tyler's dad a sweater made by Diddy.

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