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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Today is the Georgia-Florida game... I don't think anyone has forgotten what happened last year and I can't decide if I think that's awesome or frightening. Who knew that our mild mannered Coach Richt would ever make a call that caused so much controversy! In trying to find commentary leading up to this year's game, I found articles in the New York Times, newspapers in Canada, California, and Connecticut-- all trumping up the intensity of this game. I. Cannot. Wait.

Who else is excited? Georgia's teachers. Clarke, Oglethorpe, and Madison counties (the counties that include and surround Athens) all cancelled school yesterday due to the overwhelming amount of teachers who call in sick on the Friday going into the Georgia-Florida. I don't feel so bad about having this game be so important to me that I might throw up from nervousness... I at least went to school yesterday.

Every commentator on GameDay and every prediction and spread I've read picked Florida. Urban Liar...I mean Meyer (did I say that?), put a gag on his players commentating on this game as to not provide us further motivation. Articles speak on Tim Tebow still having his feeligs hurt from last year. Florida fans are still up in arms about the celebration... Give me a break! A) for anyone who's cheered under thumb of STEVE SPURRIER to call Georgia unsportsmanlike or B) has watched the video of Mark Richt they've been playing nonstop on ESPN all week (or just followed him as a coach in general) knows that Mark Richt and his team are anything but tacky and unsportsmanlike.

The fact that the Florida players aren't allowed to talk about it, have had to do 188 push-ups at every practice for the last year (Moreno's yardage in last year's game), Urban Meyer wrote about it in his book, and Tebow still has his feelings hurt about it show that a year later, we're still under their skin. I'm still nervous. But I love it. I won't be shocked if we don't win, but if we do... I will be over the top, jumping on the couch, calling all of my family, just won the lottery, let's fly to Jacksonville to celebrate, let's go streaking excited. I believe we can do it. Let's actually do it.

Go Dawgs!

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