I have the World's Sweetest Husband...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sorry, ladies... Your fellas are second runners up!

I'm pretty used to Tyler traveling. He takes frequent trips all of over the country to visit clients-- some of them just day trips, some of them taking him away for days at a time. Last night, he left for Africa (insert it's-a-hard-life comment here). I usually handle it pretty well when he leaves. Dare I say, I even enjoy a few days and night of solo time, but for some reason when we said goodbye yesterday after lunch, I was a little uneasy and fighting back tears on my way back into school. I told someone that afternoon, "I'm in a really bad mood today, but I'm not really sure why..." I'm thinking that was it, though.

He called at 2am to let me know he landed in London, called again this afternoon to let me know he was in Kenya, and we talked briefly tonight-- we talked more today than we usually do on a typical day in America! And tonight when I got home from small group, a bouquet of pink roses sat on my doorstep with a card from my devoted husband.

He was so excited for this trip and his safari. He bought all kinds of gear, clothes with bug repellent built into them, new hiking shoes, hats... As much grief as I give him about all of the fun trips he gets to take, I truly am happy that he gets such great opportunities (and we don't have to pay for them!) and am truly happy to see his excitement.

He is endlessly patient with me, sweet, understanding, supportive and lots of fun. I am so lucky to have him and so lucky to have time without him to remind me how great he is!

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