Fickle II: The Heisman Watch

Saturday, November 08, 2008

I've had two blogs floating around in my head this weekend, one about football and one about politics. Since today is Saturday, I opted for football. And because of its nature, I'm going to try to spit this out before the start of the Texas Tech/Oklahoma State game so you can all see what a great prognosticator I am.

So, here's what I've noticed this season in relation to the Heisman watch. For much of the opening season, all of the commentators were talking about Chase Daniel of Missouri. Chase Daniel this, Chase Daniel that, Chase Daniel will win the Heisman, blah blah blah. I didn't agree with this, but Missouri was undefeated at the time, so I couldn't make much of argument. Cut to week six: Missouri lost to Oklahoma State (and you heard Chase Daniel's name mentioned in the Heisman running for the last time.)

That same week, week six, Texas upset Oklahoma and won over Missouri the next. By week seven, Colt McCoy was the new best-player-of-the-season. Prior to this, I'd barely heard of Colt McCoy.

Don't get comfy though because Texas eventually lost to Texas Tech and low and behold, the commentators crowned a new Heisman hopeful! Yep, you guessed it. It was Texas Tech's QB Graham Harrell. No longer was McCoy being praised and paid homage to, it was the winner of the game that week.

Tonight, undefeated Texas Tech plays one-loss Oklahoma State. So who will be this week's best-player-of-the-"season"? Don't be surprised if OSU's QB Zac Robinson is in the buzz if they come home with the upset. Have you heard of him, the potentially best player in the country? I had to look up who their quarterback was.

Again, I know a lot can change based on how a team performs each week; they can lose a lot of support on the national front if they don't prove themselves week in and week out. But we're not talking about the national title (not that they're consistent there, either), we're talking about the most talented player of the season. And yes, a player can legitimately prove himself unworthy all on their own (cough, cough, cough, Chase Daniel, cough, cough)- I'm not suggesting the commentators predict a Heisman winner the first week of the season and stick with him. But if we're talking about the best player in the country, shouldn't we have heard about him before the seventh or eighth (or tenth) week into the season? Wouldn't they have picked up on best-player-in-the-country type of talent sometime earlier? Texas only lost to Texas Tech by six points and almost clinched it in the last few minutes of the game. If McCoy were truly the best player, would national focus have been completely shifted elsewhere because of a six point loss?

I'm just tired of the "experts" playing musical Heismans every week based on who won and who lost. Mark my words, using the same logic they've used all season, the Heisman winner may or may not be the best player of the season, but will most definitely be the QB (or running back) on whichever Big 12 team comes out on top. No expertise required.

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