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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tyler and I have two good friends who have two of the cutest girls ever, Corrie and Alex. Corrie is on the verge of being the world's smartest kid and Alex could easily be the spunkiest five year old I've ever met. We see the whole family fairly often at Nebraska game watches in DC, on flights back to Omaha, at various social gatherings... And I occasionally baby-sit Corrie and Alex because, let's face it, they like me. But last time I baby-sat, I brought Tyler with me and I was later told that they were pretty disappointed that I brought him because they wanted girl-only time. So with Tyler being in Africa all week, I decided I'd host the girls for a slumber party and give their parents a night off. I'm pretty sure I was just as excited, if not more, than the little girls were.

I had all kinds of, I thought, fun things planned for the night. Maybe ice-skating (turned out to be too cold), renting girly movies (they brought Kit Kittredge), decorating cupcakes, making personal mini-pizzas for dinner. I should have known from the ride over to my house things would be interesting. About five minutes from home, Alex starting shrieking at the top of her lungs because there was a bug inside of the Kit Kittredge DVD case. She hurled it at me (luckily we were at a red light) and I was equally freaked out a) by her screaming and b) by the WAS pretty big. It was freezing outside so we had hot chocolate when we got home while we watched the movie, which apparently tasted like "hot water with chocolate in it."

Corrie, who's seven, had no interest in making pizzas with me and Alex, who loved it, though neither of them had a bite once they were baked. As soon as Kit Kitredge was over, they immediately wanted to start it over which I was able to avoid. We watched Shrek instead...then Shrek 2, and since we didn't have Shrek 3, Corrie and I watched The Grinch. Alex went to bed pretty early and I was thinking we'd all be asleep around 10, but Corrie couldn't get enough movies, so we were up until midnight. Sure, I could've put her to bed at 9, but I was trying to be cool...

Alex climbed into bed with me and Corrie somewhere around 3 am, so I was hanging on for dear life on the edge of the bed and trying maintain sufficient duvet coverage. And dear Lord, I have never heard so much farting in my life! Seriously, who knew such gas could be passed from such cute little blonde girls?? Alex was awake by 5 (and one inch from my face staring at me). She played with her Leap Frog game (with the volume on HIGH) for awhile before growing bored, at which point I settled her down in the living room for round 2 of Kit Kittredge. I stole a few more hours of sleep before both girls were pulling me out of bed at 7:30.

We then enjoyed our third viewing of Kit Kittredge. Yay!! We also decorated the cupcakes since we didn't get to it the night before. This is apparently a form of childhood torture. "If I have to look at anymore of this icing, I think I'm going to be sick!" There was fighting over food coloring, pouring sprinkles allll over the room, squeezing tablespoons worth of food coloring ("Just one drop is enough!") into the icing after me repeatedly telling them it was my job to use the food coloring and then hiding in what I thought was a high cabinet, only to have Corrie monkey up onto the counter and take it out again.

Then there was more fighting, nearly tearing TWO sets of curtains off the walls, chasing each other around the house ("Girls, my floors are someone else's ceiling. You CANNOT run around like that!"), Alex getting pushed off the bed and pounding her head on the hardwood floor, refusing to brush teeth, and a lovely visit from my downstairs neighbor who looked like she was on her death bed and had been kept up all night. I apologized profusely to her (and took her cupcakes later) and at that point was no longer trying to be "cool" with the girls. I think they could also tell from the sound of the knock on the door and the look on my face when I came inside that it was probably time to stop playing.

I slept for two hours after they left and still feel like I'm lacking. Later this afternoon, I spent time working with Tucker, where I was further reminded that even when you decide to become a parent and start a family, things don't always turn out the way you planned...

Would I have the girls over again? In a heartbeat. As crazy as things were, I still had fun with them and I love them. But I quickly realized there's a fine line between being fun and being in charge. Lesson learned. And I, Kate Grassmeyer, in no way, am ready to be a parent. There's no pick-up and naptime when the kids are yours...

What I am ready for? Nieces. Bring 'em on sisters!

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