Saturday, October 04, 2008

We're in the car on the way home from our five hour visit to the Outer Banks. We were in Manteo for a wedding, which is pretty much the cutest, most quaint (quaintest?) town ever. It's an insta-family kind of place...just add water, buy a dog, and there you have it: a house with a white picket fence and Thursday visits to the local butcher. I suggested to Tyler we move there and become the lighthouse keepers.
Anyway. On to my point, which, of course, has to do with college football. We listened to ESPN radio on XM the whole way down and for five hours, all that the commentators could talk about was how awesome Alabama is, how great they look, nobody compares, they could go all the way, they haven't trailed in a game, they've held everyone 72-0 in the first halves (or something like that), blah, blah, blah. I REALLY wanted to change the station several times but tried to be a big girl about it and let my ego take it.

Jump to a few hours later. Wedding's over, champagne's gone, cake (cheesecake!) is digesting. We're back in the car, sports radio is back on, only now Alabama (or Bamalama, as Angie says, and probably everyone else that lives in Auburn, but I don't live there (thank God- no offense) so I'd never heard it and thought it was really funny... Am I rambling?) has barely beaten Kentucky 17-14. NOW the commentators are all, "Nope, it's just not Alabama's year...need another year...too inexperienced." And THEN (this is the worst part), "Sure, they beat Georgia last week, but Georgia had two of their best players out with injuries..." WHAT?? Don't get me wrong, I'm not defending Alabama, but you're selling 'Bama like your Christmas bonus depends on it and two hours later they only won because we had too many injured players??

These commentators are SO fickle! They act so certain and all-knowing, but one game later they're whistling another tune. Sure, one game can reveal weaknesses, but were they REALLY that good to begin with? I could be a commentator if it just means changing your mind every week and overexaggerating the results of every game. "East Carolina is setting themselves up to be the next..." Oh wait, they beat two ranked teams and then lost to Houston (and NC State). "USC is awesome because they beat Virginia on the road. What a challenge! Let's jump them to number one." Oh wait... Virginia lost to DUKE and USC lost to Oregon State. Next they'll predict that some obscure but undefeated team from a crappy conference will win it all, only to get slaughtered by a two loss team from a dominant southern conference and act all shocked about it. Hmmmm...what are the chances? Just call me Mark May and pay me a few million...

My point is, pick a team you think is good. Truly good. Honestly consider their schedule (seriously...USC v. UVA?), go into it expecting certain wins and losses, but don't throw people onto a pedestal or under the bus undeservedly. Maybe Alabama won't win it all, but were they ever as good as you said they were two hours ago? Maybe Georgia shouldn't have been #1 to begin with, but should we really have fallen to ELEVENTH? Fickle, fickle, fickle. Tired of wishy washy sportscasters.

No, I couldn't be a sportscaster because I'll always love my team. Week in, week out, they're my team. Whoever we beat, whoever crushes us, whatever the result. I'm biased, I love my Bulldawgs.

Sidenote: I have midterms this week, so I may disappear into the world of orthopedics for awhile (patellofemoral pain, anyone?). Pray for me as I finish up my first round of gruelling tests.

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