Athens Bound!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's early. Too early. Too early for a Saturday, at least, unless I were already at a tailgate on North Campus. But I'm not. I'm in the car. I'm always in the car... I'm going to start calling this car our vacation home because if I don't have a day of class I'm in this darn car.

I had a VPTA (Virginia Physical Therapist Association) conference in Virginia Beach yesterday, so I drove down there on Thursday. Tyler left DC yesterday, drove four hours to pick me up, and we then proceeded to drive five hours to Charlotte, where we crashed for a few hours with our friends Mandy & Clay. We stayed long enough to share a few glasses of wine and get approximately five hours of sleep. I only managed to stay upright long enough this morning to throw on some shorts and flipflops, a red Georgia hat, and a black fleece that I'm now noticing is covered with far too many little hairs, crumbs, and unidentifiable crusty spots to be worn in public (I just came to the conclusion that if you peeled the fabric lining of a kid's carseat off and draped it around me, that's pretty much what this looks like). And giant feaux pearl earrings. Don't forget my pearls. I never leave the house without 'em (I may or may not have some pyschological push to make up for my lack of a Georgia accent by overindulging in all other things southern).

So we're back in the car to finish the last two or three hours to Athens. Tyler was kind enough to stop at Chick-Fil-A and get me a chicken biscuit since that was my little college gameday morning tradition. And I had to eat it early enough so that I'd have room for the breakfast Landon has waiting for us when we arrive. But no coffee... I'm not ready to be that awake yet.

The things I wouldn't do to see my Dawgs. It's my yearly pilgramage to Athens; my favorite little place on earth. I am SO excited to tailgate under the trees of North Campus, to be carried along with the crowds on the walk to the stadium, to cheer, chant, and sing about my pride in my boys. To scream at the top of my lungs and stand on my feets for four hours. I can't wait. For just a few hours I can pretend I'm still in college, I can pretend I'm heading back to my dorm in Russell Hall and walk up that dreaded hill on Baxter. What I wouldn't give for another bleary eyed morning of gluttony at the O House Sunday buffet. Or to only be taking twelve hours or only have to go to class on test days... Sigh.

I loved every second of my college experience and this is my once a year weekend to relish in my nostalgia for all things Athens. And to cheer on my Bulldawgs live and in person. (We're on 85-S and we just passed a car decked out in UGA stuff, which made me stare and cheer at them, but I didn't see the same enthusiasm returned). So bring on the bourbon, beer, and burgers- we've got a team to celebrate.


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