Time Flies When You're...Traveling.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

We're in the car right now, six and a half hours into our drive back to DC from Savannah. I should be working on school stuff but someone I may or may not be married to left the power cord to our laptop at home and drained the battery watching the LSU- Auburn game on ESPN360 (hey, at least he's getting into the S.E.C.) on Saturday night, so what else do I have to do but Blackberry blog?

Last weekend kicked off the beginning of fall craziness. We have every weekend until the end of October booked with travel and visitors. Tyler's good friend Rob and his fiancee Lindsey came in town from Nebraska to go to Rob's first Redskins game (mine too but he's the true fan). I'm kind of a college football snob, so I had low expectations for the game, but it was actually really fun! We also had sideline passes, so I just watched Jason Taylor the whole time.

This weekend we drove to Savannah (my hometown) for a friend's wedding. My mom was also awesome enough to arrange for us to have our wedding pictures taken again as a Christmas present. The weather was so unbelieveably bad on our wedding day that we didn't get any outdoor or cool candid pictures. It was so much fun to get all dressed up again and it was nice to just go out and get fun pictures without the stress of a wedding on your shoulders. I highly recommend it! Maybe not a full year after the wedding, but... Plus, I didn't have to worry about how dirty my dress got. We went all over the place- the church, the sqaures, rolled in the grass at Forsyth Park, sat on the ground in front of cool doors, layed on rusty benches... We went to Wormsloe, docks on the river, and even got some pictures on Bluff drive with my old house in the background. This photographer (Catherine Lovett) was awesome! We were even asked to be a part of a movie being filmed in Forsyth. It was a very fun day. I'll get pictures up as soon as I get them back.

Anyway, time flying... With having to travel or having company visit, as fun as it is, we never really get a chance to relax. As soon as I finished school on Friday, we jumped in the car and drove to Savannah, getting in at midnight. We were up early for the pictures, went to the wedding that evening, and then watched to Georgia/ASU game that night (Go Dawgs!! Did you see AJ Green?? Holy cow.). As soon as church was over this morning we jumped in the car to head back home. Hopefully we'll be home by 10 and then it's up in the morning to start the week all over again. I never feel like I'm fully on top of my work and I'm constantly trying to get enough done so that I'm able to take time off for the weekend. It's a wonder I'm not sick yet.

Later this week we're off to Nebraska for a football game and family stuff. I'm really wishing we could head to Athens instead since the Georgia/ Alabama is going to be INSANE and all signs are pointing to a GameDay appearance... Oh well, Tyler missed his high school reunion this weekend, so I guess all's fair in love and marriage.

After that we've got a wedding in the Outer Banks, a Georgia football game in Athens, then visitors from Savannah. I'm tired (and broke) just thinking about it. It'll be 2009 before we know it.

That's all for now. My eyes hurt and so do my thumbs...

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