"There is no place like Nebraska..."

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm sitting at the BWI airport waiting to board my flight to Omaha (by way of O'Hare...O Joy. I wonder if we'll be delayed due to weather...). We're heading west for a reunion with Tyler's family and some Cornhusker football. And although I'm currently exhausted, I'm actually looking forward to it. As I was with professional football, I'm kind of a Georgia snob when it comes to college football. I'm not entirely (or at all) convinced that there's a better school out there with a better football team, better tailgaiting, or better fans. And as much as my husband tries to convert me, my allegiance will never REALLY be to Husker football.

He tries to play this numbers game with me: "Oh yeah, well we have THREE Heisman winners." "Who cares about Georgia, we've won FIVE national championships." "We beat Florida 62-24 at the Fiesta Bowl in 1996." As if I could be so easily swayed (although the last one kinda gets me)! Even worse, he (and possibly everyone else in the state of Nebraska) lives in a constant state of denial that it's no longer 1997 and not only has Osborne retired, he's been gone long enough to serve six years in Congress, and return as the AD (let's hope Mike Adams doesn't get hired there, Huskers). "Hey, I get twenty-five years to brag about a national championship!" Don't tell Tyler, but Seinfeld doesn't come on anymore either.

So imagine my surprise when I actually enjoyed my first Nebraska game! True, it was snowing ("This is NOT football weather!") and we were in the old people section where everyone sits down the whole time (is there an age limit to sneaking into the student section?),and they lost, but it was a great game. And if I squinted my eyes enough, I could just pretend those red and white uniforms were Georgia players. Regardless of my pride in my school, they're forming a soft spot in my heart, so I'm glad their season is off to a good start. It's been a rough four or five years, so here's to the Huskers beating Virginia Tech...
even if it's ugly.

All of that being said, our games are on at the exact same time on Saturday and I am heartbroken. The whole national spotlight thing may be old (OLD) news to TGrass, but not me. My sister and I (who's also coming- just because she loves me) are trying to plot our way to the nearest TV screen to get our Georgia fix...

And to the
ever-clever football blogger who continues to add notoriety to my ever increasing fame but graciously won't take credit for it, you've won the respect of TGrass and converted a new fan with your recent chattiness on Nebraska (and onto CornNation- tell Corn Blight he owes you six bucks). Yep, that's all it takes to win over a Husker.

So here we go! Best of luck to the Dawgs and the 'Skers. Go Big Red. Go Dawgs. "There is no place like Nebraska...Dear ol' Nebraska U..."

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