Does This Mean I'm Famous?

Friday, September 12, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have an announcement. I've been discovered. Yes, my blog has officially been cited.

I received a text message from my brother on my way home this afternoon asking if I'd read DawgSports today (which I introduced him to. You're welcome, David. My apologies to the boss). Thinking there was just a particularly humorous post, I sent "No, but I'm on my home. Will do soon." So, I scanned the opening page, saw various references to Steve Spurrier being the root of all evil, and settled in for a nice snicker-filled read. One sentence in...and...that's...that's a link to my blog!! I immediately called my brother, husband, mom, grandma, sister-in-law, thesis partners, manicurist, credit card company...

They all asked, "How did he find you??" My answer: no idea. I believe this man to be a lawyer (read: he went to law school and uses terms like "billable hours" and "tort reform" a lot, in exchange for a small stipend.), or an otherwise busy, working man who doesn't spend his days in his parents' basement eating cheetos and perusing the internet. So how did he stumble upon my blog in the middle of this vast area of Al Gore-invented information that we call the internet? I offer a few theories:

1. He starts his morning each day with a fresh cup of coffee and some self-googling.

2. He has a huge supercomputer (presumably paid for by his inappropriately exorbitant lawyer's salary) that constantly searches the entire internet for any passing mention of him or his blog. Or his high school girlfriend.

3. He was already stalking me and kept writing one funny commentary after another, trying to grab my attention. "YES!! Barefoot Katie finally noticed me!"

Either way, here's a shout-out (to use my late 90s slang) to Kyle regarding his all-knowing internet presence... I realize you probably just get Google Alerts, but I was flattered for the mention. Keep up the good work. Go Dawgs!

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