Our First Wedding Anniversary

Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy One Year Anniversary, Tyler! Yes, exactly 365 days ago today I became Mrs. Grassmeyer. It's crazy because it seems like the wedding was sooo long ago, but it's so hard to believe it's already been an entire year. The rest of our life is going to fly by just as fast... It was such a fun year for us. We were both so busy with work, school, and traveling, but we did it together and we keep growing closer and closer. It's true what they say about loving someone more and more with each passing day.

Here's something I noticed lately (I'm not sure I'll be able to sufficiently express it with words): days go by and we live our life as husband and wife. We eat dinner, watch TV, run errands together and we typically have a good time doing even the mundane things together. We have fun, but there's nothing spectacular about it. Just life. And there are other days, where the love you have for one another is SO magnified. There are days where you are more than just spouses, you are with your best friend, your favorite person in the world, and everything you laugh about is extra funny, when you smile at each other, it's like the first time you said I love you...like you haven't known this person for years or have a routine with them-- you've just fallen in love. Cheesy, I KNOW, but it's so true.

We traveled to a friend's wedding last month and we had SO much fun. I didn't know anyone there, but Tyler and I had the best time! We road tripped down together, we danced all night long through the whole reception, went out with a big group afterward, we had a blast. And instead of feeling like the old married couple of the group (we were the only married ones...), I felt like I was with my partner and we had a secret between us that no one else knew about. We still smile at each other across the room, Tyler still flirts with me like we're in sixth grade (typical reaction: I get annoyed, but secretly think it's cute.). Somehow, amongst all the mundane, we manage to have a great time. Easy to do when you're married to your favorite person ever. I love you, Tyler. The first year wasn't without it's challenges, but every bump and hiccup was worth it to get us here. I can't wait to experience everything else that's in store for us. In honor of our big day, here's a video put together with pictures from our wedding day.

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