I Heart the Olympics

Sunday, August 17, 2008

So our TV pretty much hasn't left NBC since last Friday night. When we're home, it's on. When we're not home, it's being recorded. Swimming and gymnastics are my favorite, but even the volleyball, rowing, and diving have our attention. It's funny how into it I get. I'll know every swimmer and diver and gymnast, who won what, and where they go to school, but just give me a few weeks to move on and I'll forget everything. In another four years, it'll all come back though! Yes, my pretend love affair with Aaron Peirsol has been renewed from 'O4, but three weeks ago I couldn't even remember his name. "What's the name of that backstroker I used to be in love with?"

And it's such a uniting activity in our household (not that we're usually divided...). Tyler is the farthest thing from a night owl and I'm the total opposite, so it's quite unique that we're both up at midnight... cheering on womens' floor routines, no less. And you should have seen us watching that men's freestyle relay last Sunday. We were going nuts! Way to go Jason Leezak. Well done.

It's also such a treat for me to see all of footage of China-- it brings back so many memories. Tyler's probably tired of hearing me say, "I've been there!," "That place was SO cool." " When we were there they had this thing that..."... (I traveled to Beijing and Chengdu in college three.) I do have conflicted feelings about all of the praise China has received because there is so much that is masked, so much poverty, so many problems and persecutions. I think a lot of the world knows that, but it's still hard to watch the government officials at the games and ceremonies relishing in the glory, pretending like everything there is fine and dandy. On the other hand, I love the Chinese people and it's so fun to see how excited and proud they are to have the world at their doorstep.

I could talk about China forever, but our internet is out and I'm doing this via Blackberry (NOT fun and quite tedious). We're also going on vacation in the AM and have to be up very early. We'll chat next week!

P.S. Did y'all see the footage of Bella Karolyi watching Nastia Liukin's final floor routine? So cute.

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