"Every Little Thing...Is Gonna Be Alright..."

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

So, we're back. Antigua was awesome. We had a great, relaxing week with beautiful weather everyday. And I'm not sure Tyler or I have ever been this tan (or fat)! Our daily itinerary went something like this:

6:30 am: Tyler naturally wakes up and can't go back to sleep, so he goes outside to the pool and reserves two chairs with our towels.

6:35 am: Tyler comes back and stares at the ceiling, hoping I'll wake up soon (I don't).

6:38 am: Tyler turns on the TV and watches morning news shows until I wake up.

7:30 am: I wake up, but pretend to be asleep until at least 8 am.

8:30 am: Get up and get ready for the pool. This involves at least three layers of sunscreen.

8:45 am: Eat a ridiculously big buffet breakfast consisting of mimosas, omelets, bacon, and chocolate donuts.

9:15 am: Roll out to the pool, lay in chair, suck in stomach. Tan. Sweat. Read.

10:30 am: The pool bar opens. Get in the pool, swim to bar, order a Hummingbird. Refill with frozen, fruity cocktails approximately every half hour (Tyler will try to deny this, but he didn't drink a single beer at the pool during the six days we were there.).

1:30 pm: Eat lunch. Choices: huge buffet or a la cart hamburgers, cheeseburgers, or quesadillas.

2:30 pm: Roll back to the pool. Lay on stomach to cover the pooch. Tan. Sweat. Read.

4:00 pm: Being decidedly crisp and so exhausted from laying down and eating all day, we decide it's time to go back to our room for a nap.

6:00 pm: Wake up. Shower. Get ready to eat again.

7:30 pm: Have a pre-dinner cocktail.

7:45 pm: Eat a multi-course dinner consisting of wine, bread, butter, salad, soup, appetizers, entrees, dessert, and coffee. It's all free down there and they just keep bringing it.

9:15 pm: Delay the food coma for five minutes until we make it back to the room.

9:20 pm: I immediately make a bubble bath and pour a glass of champagne. Tyler lays in bed and watches 24 hour cable news channel.

10:00 pm: Tune into the Olympics and complain about how unfair the judging is against the female American gymnasts.

11:00 pm: Tyler asleep.

12:30 am: I'm awake reading until....

6:30 am: Wake up and do it all again! Repeat five times.

It's a rough life we led down there! I'll probably have a video of the trip up soon. We did deviate from the rigorous schedule one day to go snorkeling. Unfortunately, it was jellyfish season, so if you know me, you can imagine how much fun this was. Actually, no one on the trip enjoyed it. Every time you tried to swim off, you'd be face to face with a jellyfish. The best part of the trip (besides getting back in the boat)? Watching a fish attack and eat one of the jellyfish. Go fish!

We felt so blessed to be able to get such a great, relaxing, (free) vacation and spend so much time together before we dive back into the crazy life of a grad student-lobbyist duo (our schedules couldn't be more different). With the fall comes lots of traveling for Tyler, lots of studying and research for me, and lots of college football falling in between. Summer's coming to a close and I'll mourn the loss of my tan, but we still have a lot to look forward to this season. Here we go...

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