Sleepless Night

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mother-in-law left early this morning. Because I'm sick (and also a night owl) I've developed this bad cycle where I'm up all night coughing, so I sleep in until high school worthy hours, only to spend the next night staring at the ceiling. I went to bed at 11:30 last night, but wasn't even close to tired. So after an hour, I pulled out my Mormon book (see Summer Reading list) and flashlight and read under the covers like I was in sixth grade again. Two hours later, I was still wide awake, but tired of reading. Finally fell asleep at some point, but was awake again at 5 due to prolonged coughing. Mother-in-law and husband were up at 7:30am for work and airport drop-offs, so I had to get up and say goodbye. Still coughing and can't sleep, so I'm watching Morning Joe and blogging in bed hoping I'll konk out soon and continue in throwing my circadian rhythm further off course. (Might I also add that our bedroom faces east and is insanely bright starting at 6am and I complain about it every morning.)

So here are a few things I was thinking about while ceiling staring last night:

1. I'm taking a sabbatical from talking today since I no longer have company in my house. Swallowing alone feels like swallowing razorblades. Talking is worse. Talking to people who can't hear well is beyond words. No pun intended.

2. Since we watched Jon & Kate Plus 8 last night, I had multiple birth-dom on my mind and was generally thinking how much more I appreciate my triplet upbringing as I get older. I think I realize how unique a situation it really is to grow up with siblings your exact age, go through everything together at the same time, have the same teachers, same friends, same experiences. Those Gosselin kids are so darn cute-- I like to think the three of us were comparable.

3.It's a shame I didn't start this blog last August when I was launching my inaugural year of marriage and grad school. The trials of neuroscience, class drama, the latest in cadaver dissections and smelly scrubs, learning to share a house with a boy would have been so much more interesting to write about than my summer shenanigans.

4. Really? Brett Farve chose Greta Van Susteran's On the Record as his platform for addressing his football contract woes?

Morning Joe's to throw off my body clock.

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