Sickly Summer

Monday, July 14, 2008

Hi kids! Sorry I've been away for awhile... We were out of town for the 4th of July, then I worked for a few days (imagine that!), my mother-in-law came in town, then I got sick...nasty sick...actually go to the doctor sick...forget what it's like to be normal sick...start to laugh and break into a hacking cough where things come up that shouldn't come from the mouths of humans (especially female humans) sick. (Seriously, isn't it against the rules of nature to get sick in the summer?) So Debby has had a really exciting trip. Her first day here we actually went out, ate out, hung out like normal, healthy people. Then my illness set in on Friday morning and we all sequestered ourselves on different couches in the living room. (I told them to go out and play anyway, but apparently life just isn't as fun without me.) In the span of the three days we spent holed up, we managed to watch at least ten movies: Georgia Rule, The Kid, Numb, Awake, The Great Outdoors, Mission Impossible II, Out of Time, JFK, Bobby, National Treasure 2, and lots of Jon & Kate Plus 8 episodes. Last night we managed to crawl out of my germy cave long enough to go see "Mamma Mia" at the National Theatre. (I thought they were great, FYI-- just as good as the Broadway cast we saw in May.) So other than our night out last night, my most exciting outing was the trip to the 24 hour acute care clinic when I woke up Saturday morning with a 100 degree+ fever. Woohoo! Exciting weekend, eh? The upside? Debby made her homemade chicken noodle soup for me, which is soooo good. The two of us managed to make it out to the pool for a few hours this afternoon to read our books and splash around, so maybe the vitamin D will do me some good. That's about as exciting as it gets for now! More later...

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