Friday, July 18, 2008

I finished "Under the Banner of Heaven" a few days ago, but I want to take some time to write a full and complete opinion of the book. In the mean time, I was going to post a Would You Rather question. My friend Christie (just call her Lehren) and I used to come up with these insane Would You Rather questions and at some point I wrote a lot of them down in a notebook. So I went on a hunt for these questions, but, alas, couldn't find them. What did I find though? A rough draft of a letter to my high school boyfriend after we broke up. DRAMA! (Yes, I write rough drafts when the letter is of importance) I was really proud of my little teenage self-- I was cheering myself on as I read through it! The letter was actually quite eloquent and well written. In the letter, I was explaining why I initiated the break up, what I needed, what I expected from a man (guy, boy, hormone ball, whatever...), why his behavior was unacceptable, and why he nor I should settle for such behavior. "Damn," I thought. "I knew way more about myself than I thought I did. WAY TO GO GIRL!" It's so easy to look back and assume you had no idea what you were doing when you were eighteen, but...I guess I did!

So, back to the issue at hand:

Would you rather....have a rare disorder that allows you to dispose of bodily waste only in pool table pockets OR ever so slowly morph into Bob Barker as you age?

Answers please. Explanations welcome, but not required. No ammendments to the choices.

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