Who learned geometry anyway?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Here's what happens when four people with 3.75 college degrees between them (and a combined grad school degree that's 2/3 law and 1/3 PT) try to figure out just how far it is from 3rd base to 1st base while watching the Bulldawgs play in the College World Series over burgers and beers. "What's that equation you use to figure out the sides of a triangle?" "One half the base times the height." "No, it's A squared plus B squared equals C squared." "Okay, so there's 90 feet between each base..." "Will that work for this?" "What's the kind of triangle where two sides are equal but third isn't?" "A right triangle?" "No, I think it's an isosceles." "What's the sine and cosine thing we used to use?" "I think that's just for figuring out angles, I don't know about the length." "So, if these two are 90 then... what's the square root of 16,200?" After much debate and cell phone calculations, we came up with something between 127 and 128. Turns out, we were right! According to the old reliabable Wikipedia, it's 127.2. I'm still screwed when my kids starts high school... Hope you know your theorems, Ty, because this lady will be of no use! I'll just have to call Charles, Landon, and Harris to reunite our little geometry group.

P.S. Go Bulldawgs!! Who knew college baseball could be so exciting? If we win tonight, we're the national champions! Stay tuned.

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