Tim Russert

Monday, June 16, 2008

Though not avid viewers, Tyler and I frequently tuned in to "Meet the Press" on Sunday mornings and are always following the latest on politics here. We probably didn't realize just how much we liked Tim Russert until we learned of his passing on Friday afternoon. We followed all of the coverage on Friday night (we're real party animals...) and were so saddened to think of his wife, son, and father who were left behind to grieve.

We were sure to tune into "Meet the Press" on Sunday morning and boy...it was tough to watch. The broadcast was a great tribute to his life and career, but it wasn't until the end that we were really taken. In the three years that I've known Tyler, I have only seen salty water drip from his eyes (I don't think I'm allowed to use the word "cry") ONE time, which was on our wedding day. But when they went through the montage of pictures of Tim growing up and spending time with his family, then closed the broadcast with a clip of Tim from a previous Father's Day saying how much he loved his dad and how proud he was to be Dad to his son Luke....Man, you would have thought we'd just lost our OWN dads by the way we were boohoo-ing.

Fortunately for Tim's family, he lived his life in such a way so that everyone knew what he loved and knew who he loved. There should be no doubt in their minds that Tim loved them, bragged on them, and spoke of them always and with the highest regard. He will be missed.

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