My Housewife Summer

Thursday, June 19, 2008

As some of you may know, I finished my first year of grad school last month-- the year that everyone says is the hardest and if you survive, you'll do fine thereafter. I'm in Marymount's Doctorate of Physical Therapy program and I managed to survive Clinical Neuroscience, Gross Anatomy, Disease Pathophysiology (among others), and FAR too many hours in the cadaver lab at GW Hospital exploring the body of a woman we fondly referred to as Magna. (On a side note, some people disagree with "naming" your cadaver and think of it as a sign of disrespect, but I think that if someone GIVES YOU their body and you spend as many hours carefully taking apart their body as is necessary to fully learn the human anatomy (a very intimate process, I think), to give them a name is a reminder that this IS a person with a name and a family, not just an age and a cause of death (which is all that you're given) and collection of muscles, nerves, and bones.)

Anyway. So, the first year was TOUGH. And I'm great friends with all of my fellow classmates and have great respect for my professors and all of those in the PT field. But May 2nd could NOT come faster, especially since in the month of April we had an inSANE amount of tests and papers leading into finals. My mind was already in June, when my body was six weeks behind. So I had my summer plans all laid out before me: do nothing. No work. No papers. No cramming. No research. And Tyler kept saying, "Are you sure you don't want to work? Are you sure you're not going to get bored?" (Which is code for, "Are you sure you don't want to earn any money to help pay the bills?") But I insisted that I'd worked my patooty off enough to fully earn a nice, long vacation. Even my professors were telling us, "This is the last summer you'll ever have- take advantage of it! (The next two summers I have clinicals)

So, the first six weeks flew by-- we traveled to Atlanta, NYC, and Dallas in a very short period of time. I even put in a good fourty hours at my old job, where I occasionally pop in when they need me (much to The Hub's delight). I was driving Tyler into work in the mornings for a few weeks, so the pleasure of sleeping in was even denied me! But finally, for the last couple of weeks, I have been able to fully enjoy what I call my Housewife Summer. I threw a bridal shower for my friend Julia last week, complete with fresh flowers, ladies in summer dresses, and bite sized desserts (made from scratch, of course). I've been able to sleep in, watch The View, fold laundry, go to the gym, and lay by the pool. How's that for being a housewife, eh?

I WAS starting to experience the slightest amount of a teeny tiny bit of a smidgen of a sliver of boredom, though, so today I went to the bookstore (Sorry, it was Border's-- not a quaint little shop on the corner where I probably would've choked on the price of Nicholas Sparks paperback anyway). I walked in with purpose, knowing exactly what I'd come for ("My Sister's Keeper" by Jodi Picoult), but all my defenses failed as soon as I walked in and got a whiff of that great paper and coffee aroma. One hour and an armful of books later (they were buy one get one half off, I had to) I checked out. So here's what I got: "My Sister's Keeper" (started reading it while I was baby-sitting one night, before I found out it was being made into a Cameron Diaz movie), "Pillars of the Earth" (at the recommendation of Oprah, first book I've read at her suggestion), "Under the Banner of Heaven" (at the rec of my sister, it's about Mormons), and "Nights in Rodanthe" (Nicholas Sparks, saw the trailer for the film and had to read it before it came out). I'm going to the beach this weekend and then onto Savannah for a week to hang out with the fam, so I'll be able to put in some good solo reading time. Nicholas Sparks is great, mindless, sappy beach reading, and I'm already 100 pages into "My Sister's Keeper" (I can't figure out how to underline on here), so I may have to make another Border's trip soon. I'll let ya know how it goes... Happy reading kids!

-The Housewife

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