Mrs. Kathryn Way Grassmeyer

Monday, June 16, 2008

So, I just ran downstairs to grab the mail and as I was sorting through what we'd gotten, I found a piece addressed to me from the Social Security Office and I sort of thought "Uh oh" until I remembered I went to the SS office last week to officially change my name. Duh. But talk about a quick turnaround! I sat in line at the office longer than it took for them to mail me my new card. So you're now looking at Mrs. Kathryn Way Grassmeyer. Tada! I can finally go get a new driver's license. AND, now when I go pick up a prescription and they ask me for my last name I don't have to fish through my memory to figure out what name I used at the doctor. You get funny looks when you crinkle your forehead and stare at the ceiling when they ask for your name....

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