Application for Exclusive Membership in FKT... Friends of Kathryn & Tyler.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Yes or No...
1. Do you have any opposition to watching a minimum of 16 hours of college football every Saturday between the months of September and November?

2. Do you expect us to wake up before 9 am and do any form of physical activity with you?

3. Do you have any opposition to drinking wine?

4. Do you laugh at all Sonic commercials and baby E*Trade commercials?

5. Do you ever coordinate your outfits? (Answer no if you want to stand a chance.)

Pick One:
1. Morning church or night church?

2. Cold Stone or Marble Slab?

3. Georgia Bulldawgs or Nebraska Cornhuskers?

4. Beach or mountains?

5. Glen Beck or Keith Olberman?

In 3 sentences or less...
1. Please describe your experiences with the game Scene It.

2. Please describe your typical Friday night.

3. Please explain your feelings regarding the timeless classic, "My Cousin Vinny."

4. Please explain your feelings about helping friends move, shovel snow, and get to the airport for early morning flights.

5. Please describe your ideal weekend road trip.

Please feel free to add anything you feel might be relevant or helpful to this application.

We have approximately 4 slots available and you will be contacted within 2-3 weeks with feedback. Thank you for your interest!

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