Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Virtual Chestnut Praline Latte Date

A friend of mine wrote a blog last week I loved called a Virtual Cappuccino Date.  I thought it was a creative way to write a typically boring catch-up post, so without asking her permission but giving her full credit, I'm stealing the idea!  Except today, instead of a cappuccino, on this cold, winter morning, we're going to share a Chestnut Praline Latte...Starbuck's new holiday drink from last year that I am still dreaming about.  Rumor has it, it may become a year-round drink but I have seen no evidence of this in real life.  Until then, I will daydream about that yummy, not-too-sweet coffee concoction...

If we were sharing a chestnut praline latte today...I'd say YES, I am still drinking coffee!  For my typical morning coffee, I drink half-caff.  I avoid things like aspartame, but otherwise I'm not NOT eating anything.  I get a lot of protein but don't have any specific cravings-- just when something gets in my head, it stays there until I have it.  Like when we drove an hour in a snowstorm last week for Chick Fil A. ;)

If we were sharing a chestnut praline latte today...I'd talk to you about the weather!  Up until last week, we'd had a pretty dry winter.  Which just means it was super cold and ugly, with no lovely snow to make it bearable.  Although I'd take more, I just need one or two good storms a season.  We got about five inches last Tuesday...then another three on Saturday...then another few on Thursday.  Keeping us blanketed in a winter wonderland for the last two weeks.  I love every second of it!  As we enter into March, though, I'm ready for nice spring temps...but there's more snow coming this week.

If we were sharing a chestnut praline latte today...I'd tell you about our awesome Valentine's Day date last week!  I have a sweet, selfless friend Amy who offered to come over and stay with Charlotte while Tyler and I enjoyed an overnight getaway in Georgetown.  We dined at a steakhouse {using a gift certificate we'd had forever...nothing says romance like a gift certificate!}, saw The Immitation Games {love}, slept in, and grabbed the most amazing, never-ending brunch at Farmers & Fishers the next morning.  It was like 2012 all over again...just fatter and greyer and tireder. ;)

If we were sharing a chestnut praline latte today...I'd tell you Charlotte got into preschool!  The only thing rigorous about preschool around here is how early you have to apply.  Otherwise, there's nothing crazy about the application process {at least the ones where we're applying!}.  We applied to two different church preschools very close to our house, and got into both.  We essentially chose the school that has the days and hours that work best for us.  It's three mornings a week, and I am having sweet little visions of pushing my double stroller around the block on a picturesque fall morning and walking her to school.  That's how it'll be, right?  Picturesque?

If we were sharing a chestnut praline latte today...Speaking of double strollers, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't super nervous about transitioning from one to two kiddos.  It's not even my least-favorite newborn phase I'm worried about.  It's the idea of going back to work, Charlotte starting pre-school, getting out of the house, and juggling multiple drop-offs/pick-ups that terrifies me.  Working moms, help me!  Tell me how you do it!

If we were sharing a chestnut praline latte today...I'd tell you about our little weekend getaway to a resort a few hours away for some indoor waterpark fun.  Or, if you're Charlotte, torture.  For a kid who hasn't been in a pool in six months and seriously HATES water splashing in her face, this was not our finest parenting moment.  It was nice to get away and out of the house, but I admit I was annoyed and frustrated by her fear and refusal to happily participate in our plans.  I have found that joys and frustrations found in parenting come heavily from our expectations for our kids...chalk this one up to a parenting fail, because I know in Charlotte's book, it was a great weekend.  She splashed in kiddie pools, took giant bubble baths, and watched movies in the car-- what more could a kid want?

It was so nice sharing these mundane little life events with you!  These days, this is what life is like...and I wouldn't trade it for anything!  But R emember when I used to blog about vacationing in Italy...?  We're nestled tonight, waiting for seven inches of snow coming tomorrow-- happy snow day!!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Just a Lil' Update...

I'm finally doing it!  I'm going to write blog!  At least ten times over the last month, I've been sitting around on my arse and I think, "Maybe I should blog!"  Followed by...starting a new episode of Call the Midwife.

I put everything on hold back in November/December-- blogging, Etsy-ing, Facebooking.... If you follow me on Insta {that's right, I'm too cool for two syllable words}, you might have an inkling of what's going on our world, but if you follow this blog at all, you perhaps think I was kidnapped.

Fear not, I am safe and comfy in my semi-warm house.  I just needed a break.  I wasn't shy about sharing what a long year it had been, and last I left you, praise Jesus, Tyler had just wrapped a successful 14 month political campaign and was coming HOME!!!

But what I didn't share was that we'd found out we were pregnant about two weeks before that.  At that point, I still felt fine, but I barely survived the next two months of the first trimester {also known as narcolepsy}.

As soon as the election wrapped, I worked my rear off making and selling Barefoot Decor items for a big holiday show that month.

The day before the big holiday show, we found out we were moving.  In 30 days.  {Tread lightly if your wife casually says, "Oh, let's just go look at that cute house!"}

Two weeks after the big holiday show, we drove ten hours to Kentucky to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family and throw my Dad a belated 60th birthday party.

Two weeks after that we moved.  Just houses, a mere mile from our old row house.  {Still a huge pain in the butt.}

A week after that, we flew to Nebraska for Christmas.

Four days after that, we flew to Atlanta for Christmas.

Four days after that, we flew home.

All while battling the most ridiculous fatigue that I did NOT experience with Charlotte {at least on that level}, constant hunger or nausea, and just a bad mood.

Let's just say, I had very little Christmas spirit this year.  Happy tears were shed on December 31st-- I'd never been ready for a year to be over!

And now, here we sit.  We are settling into our house, that we really think we're going to love for the next few years.  Our sweet, soon-to-be big sister Charlotte turned two this weekend and we had a low key celebration with my parents and a few dear friends.  We have very little on our docket the next few months, save for a few local field trips and opportunities to soak in life as three before things get crazy again this summer.

I hope to share a snapshot of what life is really like these days, share a few pictures from Charlotte's party, and share a few of my favorite winter essentials.  I might keep Etsy on the back burner for a bit and slowly re-acclimate myself into life doing too many things!  But if there's ever a product you're interested, feel free to reach out.

And if you're reading this, well God bless you for sticking around...  How are you doing?

Friday, November 7, 2014

Happy Election Week

It's been a great big, happy, long week around here folks!  I took the week off of work, so I'm a little foggy about what day it is, but I write to you from an AIRPLANE.  Yes, an airplane!

Not a novelty because of the glory of wifi, but for the fact I have a computer in my lap. With only MY fingers pushing buttons.  Because my toddler is an amazing 8 feet away from me, across the aisle, buckled into her car seat, governed by her father.  Novelty #2-- I'm not flying alone!

We're on our way home as a family of three!  A year of living apart meant a lot of checked bags home but we managed well and we're halfway home...somewhere over Kentucky {I'm just making that up-- don't check my flight path}.

Charlotte and I flew out last Friday so that Tyler didn't have to miss out on trick-or-treating fun.  Even though it wasn't Charlotte's first Halloween, it felt like it because this was the first year we could really participate with full costumes and buckets and "trick-or-treeeats!"  {Okay, her version is a jumbled mix of t's and k's...but she nails her "please" and "thank yous!"}

We trick-or-treated in Lincoln with our friends Shelly & Jeremiah, and their two cuties, Oscar and Orla.  Their neighborhood was perfect-- sidewalks, no traffic, and tons of kids everywhere.  It took Charlotte awhile to warm up, she really just wanted to sit in the wagon, but she eventually got the hang of it and squealed every time she saw a "PUNKIN!"  Which was every six feet....  The only downside was the 35 degree temperature after dark!!  It was freezing. {Almost}

Saturday, I begrudgingly accompanied Tyler to the Nebraska-Perdue game, annoyed that I would miss Georgia's domination over Florida but it actually turned out to be a saving grace...though I streamed it on my phone much of the game, I didn't have to suffer the misery of watching that loss in person.

Sunday, we laid low, and Monday, Charlotte and I were on our own while Tyler was on campaign duty.  With the Holiday Expo coming up,  I couldn't let a week of traveling stop me from working on my Christmas inventory, so I borrowed a sewing machine from Shelly and managed to make 20 dishtowels and 30 pillows-- time zone change + Daylight Savings + Charlotte's allergies were my saving grace...she has been rocking the three hour nap.

Tuesday was a somewhat busier day packing up for election night.  Even though the victory party was in Lincoln, we grabbed a hotel across from the venue to make it easier to go back and forth.  Tyler's parents joined us and we had dinner before getting ready for the festivities.

Election Night was fun but to paint a real picture of the night, everyone I knew there was busy working so Miss Introverted spent the night trying to look busy and not do anything too awkward.  Charlotte helps with this, but it never feels quite as posh as the pictures might make it seem...  The race wasn't close, so they announced the winner early and the candidate gave his speech early...none of which I heard because it was 9:00 and my one year old was acting like one year olds act at 9:00.  So we were in the hallway running around.  But there were lots of words and cheering and sign waving.  The rest of the evening was spent mingling with friends, texting friends and family, and watching the other election results come in.  Much different than two years ago when I was seven months pregnant and got a stomach bug in the middle of the victory party!  Charlotte was a super trooper and stayed up with us until 11:00...a small miracle for my little sleeper.

While we were on the winning side of the night, we've all been on the losing side of things and know what it feels like, so I am careful in how I choose my words.  While I am eager to see what is to come, I am hopeful that our leaders can work together and pass legislation that is not so contentious so our country can experience some stability and unity.

We have the unique experience of being heavily involved in the political scene living in Washington, DC, and it provides us a different perspective from many others across the country.  I am disheartened to see people's reactions when results don't go their way-- not because of the their disappointment but because of the ugly way they react.  Our experience is that Washington is much less polarized than the rest of the country, at least in how we treat and speak to our "opponents" because we understand passionately working toward and dedicating yourself to a cause, even if it's not one we personally support.  We have received the most sincere and gracious support and congratulations from our friends across the aisle...this is my hat tip to the generous and hard working friends we have across the aisle who handle election results better than a lot of other people I know!

Politics aside, I am looking forward to what lies ahead for our family!  Ready for some time together again as three...

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Two weeks from today, it will be November 4th.  If you’re smart, you’ll head to the ballot box and cast votes in a myriad of Congressional and Senate races.  For me personally, it will also mark the fourteenth month my husband has been gone, running a US Senate campaign in his home state.

And whatever happens on election night, I will be celebrating because it means he’ll finally be coming home!  The last year has been a lot of things…short, long, hard, rewarding, teaching, growing, frustrating, bitter, prideful…and more.  I feel like I’ve been on a rollercoaster—one of those old, wooden jerky ones with a lap bar nowhere near your lap, that make your neck hurt.  You know, the kind you get off, wonder why you ever got on, and swear you’re never doing again. ;) 

As this time is coming to an end, I’ve been reflecting a lot on how things went and I can easily break it up into distinct phases… Here’s how it went down:

The Honeymoon Phase

This phase was full of crying departures {me}, baked goods, and lots of hugs and celebrating homecoming.  I never want my husband to dread coming home or always welcomed by a nagging wife, so I was very intentional that when he came home, it was to a home happy to see him.


This phase {and all of this ^^^} lasted about three weeks.

The Bitter Phase

My “I can do this!” attitude waned REAL FAST.  About three to four weeks in.  Exhaustion took over and I was in breakdown mode every Wednesday night {our busiest day/night of the week}.  I was angry and bitter that I had to do everything by myself and no one was throwing me a ticker tape parade or baking me casseroles.  I had a very hard time adjusting to being with Charlotte all.the.time, especially as she was just getting mobile {at the time, the hardest part of parenthood for me}.  Every quick errand, every jog, every bathroom break, every grocery run.  Charlotte, Charlotte, Charlotte.  You couldn’t leave her anywhere unattended without finding her trying to scale the oven.  My only break from her was to go to work…to play with somebody else’s kids all day.  I was exhausted and very much in need of a break that was nowhere in sight.

6746_10102786117155730_68995803_n{Oh, you said you needed to go to the bathroom did you?}

And very tired of being asked, “So, is Tyler home this week?”  “No, he’s not home.  He’s never coming home. Whyeeee do you keep asking me???”  I was a joy to be around.

Tyler received the brunt of my frustration {the nice word to use}, usually in the form of snarky text messages.  I was pretty much mad at him all the time, feeling like I would always be second, third, or fourth on his list.  And if he came home for a weekend, it took me a good twelve hours to be happy to see him—a long time when you only have two days together!  Of course, not all days or weeks were bad, but this was the overarching theme November through January. 

Yep, this phase lasted about three long months.

The Indifferent Phase

Sometime around February, I hit my stride with the whole single working mom thing.  A few key moves were using grocery delivery and joining a gym with childcare—just thirty minutes or an hour to myself, head phones in, no talking.  Bless these services.  I lost five pounds that month- never missed a workout!  Charlotte and I just found a rhythm, and I discovered the most efficient way to do  From laundry to packing lunches and preparing meals, I got it done and I got it done fast.

My neighbors also took us in and regularly had us over for dinner, I started having girls nights in on Fridays, and my introverted self found myself loving the solitude.  Life wasn’t nearly as hard, I wasn’t mad all the time, and I was actually proud of myself for juggling life and work and doing it fairly well, I thought.


But this was a dangerous place to be…because I didn’t need Tyler.  I didn’t miss him, I wasn’t mad at him, I didn’t care if he came home or not, we barely talked.  As long as he kept paying our rent, whatever man.  Even in the midst of it, I was well aware how dangerous indifference is to a marriage, but I couldn’t, or didn’t want to do anything to change it.  I think it was just self-preservation… We saw Tyler for a total of ten days maybe between January and May, and I just didn’t have it in me to care anymore.  The only thing I could do was hope things would go back to normal in May, when the primary was over. 

This phase lasted about two or three months, but really peaked in month three {April}.

The Back to Normal Phase

{AKA I no longer want a divorce- yay!}


Primary Day!!  Our candidate won, Tyler flew home with us, and we saw more of each other that week than we had all year.  I was happy to have him around with no lingering bitterness.  He still had to travel quite a bit, but the balance was good…because I’d grown quite comfortable in my routine and all my Real Housewives.  If he traveled, he was still home Friday night through Monday, which felt like a lot.  We went on vacations in June and August.  Things were good.  {I was originally under the impression that the May Primary was the end of traveling for good, so I was still plenty frustrated at times, but overall, we were good.}

This phase lasted four short months, May through August.

The Indifferent Phase: We’re baa-aaaack!

And now here we are again.  Back to indifferent.  This time, my attitude stems more from a more mature “It is what it is,” rather than “I hate your stinky guts forever” which, I suppose, is a bit healthier.  But as election day nears, there are debates to prep, rallies to organize, commercials to film.  Tyler’s just gone all the time…nothing I can do.  So life goes on—I went to New York, Tennessee, and Georgia, ran a race, went to football games, concerts, and fall festivals.  I’m sad Tyler wasn’t a part of most of it and I hate what he missed out on, but we have great friends and a precious daughter and I’m just tired of sitting at home by myself.


I also learned a valuable lesson along the way in self-control: there is no point in arguing or being angry about something that can’t be changed.  I reached a point where I realized, what good does it do to make my husband feel guilty for working too much, knowing full well there is nothing he can do to work any less right now?  He is powerless to change the situation, so why rag on him for it.  I typically just vented to my sister or scratched my thoughts in a journal and moved on.  It makes for a much happier existence, at least in the short term!


So here were are with two weeks left!  It’s almost weird.  I’m binge watching all the “Call the Midwife” and “Scandal” I can {and exercising some serious self-control by not watching those Homeland episodes on our DVR}, getting in all the girly stuff I can.  I’m somewhat hesitant in my excitement because the role he’s taking on when he comes back doesn’t guarantee a nightly presence at the dinner table.  We’ve been through the opening-a-congressional-office thing before—it’s hard work and takes a lot of man hours.  Only time will tell—is it harder with a newborn or with a toddler?

1175708_10102515590203910_1226697898_n 10687223_10103606577316990_4691869084184126863_n

{Charlotte then and now}

To be honest, if I knew then, what I know now, I probably wouldn’t have let him go.  If I’d known how big Charlotte was going to get, or how many milestones he’d miss, or how many insignificant moments he would have loved to see, or knew how many nights we’d actually spend apart, how many social invitations we’d turn down, the thousands of miles I’d drive alone, the opportunities at work and church I’d miss… I would have said no.  I didn’t realize how much our friendships would suffer, or the hit our church life would take.  My “me things” took a backseat: blogging, Etsy, running races.  I’m honestly not complaining, but if you would have written out a list of these consequences and showed it to be last September, I would have put on my Mean Wife hat and made him turn down the job.

But here’s the flip side…I would have spent the last year following this race, wondering if I’d made my husband miss out on the opportunity of his career.  Feeling like I’d sidelined him, forcing him to stay in a job that wasn’t great anyway, missing out on the chance to work in his home state, for a great candidate who we also call a friend.  And he has shined over the last year.  He has made front page news, he’s had articles written on the successes he organized.  I’ve had countless folks pull me aside and brag on what a great boss he is, how patient he is, what a pleasure it is to work with him.  And he’s never run a campaign in his life!  This was a big gamble—taking a job that was not a sure thing, and splitting up our family—and I am really, really proud of my smart, dedicated, hard-working husband.  Even when his work ethic drives me crazy.

And there will still be plenty of issues to sift through when we’re back together—reacclimating to life together, dealing with issues swept under the rug.  It will take another act of self-control to not be ready to pounce the minute he walks in the door…to be a constructive, helper-suitable, not a nagger-appointed.

But whatever dude!  This year is almost over!  My man is coming home and I’m about to go to Target all by myself whenever I want.

“And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith.”  Hebrews 12:1-2

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Army Ten Miler 2014

I ran the Army Ten Miler last weekend!  Despite being super unprepared, I really enjoyed it!  I ran this race in 2011-- it was my first race longer than a 5k, so I had good memories of this one.  It's a hard race to get into-- one of those that you sit in front of your computer pushing refresh for an hour until you either get in, or crash the system.

Anyway, it's a great DC race that takes you through both Arlington and Washington and hits most of the major sites along the way.  I snapped a few pictures along the way, in lieu of a real recap.  Enjoy!

Saturday night prep...I spent the afternoon eating football food that consisted of corn, cheese, and buffalo sauce.  Tyler gently suggested I perhaps should maybe consider eating some pasta for dinner.  Smart man.
Sunday morning came early.  Whenever I'm up at dark to run a race I PAID someone to let me run, I seriously question my sanity.  I'm going to organize a lazy man's race that is all downhill and starts at 10am.
0167b41bb867b04c15faecc8e1d640691b487732edMorning sun over the Pentagon.
The corrals were really smooth this year.  We arrived in plenty of time for bathroom breaks and stretching but they efficiently moved the corrals through once the race kicked off at 8am.
Running with my friend and co-worker, Amy, and her friend Jamie, who flew in from California.  She thought we were crazy for loving the cool, 50 degree morning temps-- she was freezing!
We started running around 8:40 and were immediately enjoying the sites and scenes on a gorgeous fall morning... Crossing the start at the Pentagon, we ran toward Arlington National Cemetery…
From, there we ran across the Memorial Bridge, toward the Lincoln Memorial…
Then past the Watergate…
Under the Kennedy Center, with the Potomac to our right…
Past the Washington Memorial…
The Smithsonian…
…and the Holocaust Museum…
And the Jefferson Memorial.
Miles 7-9 are all uphill suck as the course crosses the interstate back into Virginia.  Seriously...everything about it just sucks. I hate hills and I'm pretty sure we walked most of them, which really just prolonged the misery.
And you finally cross the finish back at the Pentagon!
There is no shortage of inspiration on this race.  If running through the streets of history weren't enough, this race is run by soldiers, veterans, and their families who have bravely served and sacrificed for our country.
Active duty soldiers run the water stations...
{I ghosted this man early on the read his sign. He, probably on his 60s or 70s, survived a heart attack and bypass surgery last November and was running a ten mile race a year later.  AND he was from I stopped to say hi.}
So many people run in memory of fallen soldiers.
No words, all tears as I approached this group surrounding a wounded warrior after mile nine.  Something about a double amputee walking toward the finish line suddenly put my knee pain in perspective.  Not an uncommon site in this race- everyone hoops and hollars and cheers and "Hoorahs" as they pass.
A "Marry Me...or at least think about it sign" spotted early in the race.  The poor girl that had to run another nine miles after seeing that!
And these sweet faces were waiting for me at the finish!
I'm a bit of a reluctant runner-- I really enjoy it but I'm not super talented or all that competitive, and I don't have a lot of fancy garb.  But there is just something about finishing a race, and pushing your body, that is so rewarding and emotional and euphoric.  There is camaraderie with the other runners-- you feel as much pride for them as you do yourself-- and appreciation for those lining the streets.  It's fun!  Especially for a girl like me that didn't grow up playing sports.  This was the first race I'd done in awhile and I've got the bug again...  Time to sign up for some more.  Hoorah!
I'd be remiss if I didn't throw out a big "Go Dawgs!!"  What a great weekend!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fall, Fall, Fall…Fally Fall Fall

Last Saturday was one of my favorite days of Fall—Art on the Avenue, a huge art festival that shuts down the main street of our neighborhood.  The weather is always perfect, the food is great, and the vendors are plentiful.  From baby clothes to five hundred dollar paintings to weird trinkets appealing to very specific tastes…you can find it at Art on the Avenue.

So I eagerly made pumpkin pancakes and packed Charlotte away in our Kelty carrier.  I wanted to avoid a stroller and the festival is only a short walk from our house, but it was a little risky taking her in this by myself.  I feared Suzy-Miss-I-have-a-lot-of-ever-changing-opinions over here would freak out and refuse to be carried in the sea of thousands of people, leaving to wrangle a screaming baby octopus…

image1{Who knew someone this cute could drive me so bananas?}


But she did great!  She lasted for two hours and allowed several trips up and down the Avenue.  We had a great morning—the weather was crisp and I came home with a few cool prints I have yet to frame.


And of course I got the pumpkin bug and had to come home and get everything decorated… Fall kind of threw up on our front steps and I’m very okay with that!






I couldn’t forget the inside either.  In our house, decorating for Fall pretty much means putting fake stuff everywhere.


Like fake gourds in the window sills…


…and fake pumpkins on tables…



Fake gourds and fake leaves on fake mantles.  {One day, I will have a fireplace…}


And more fake leav

image15image16Nothing says Fall like old books and pumpkins!

Mmmm…I’ve been burning my pumpkin candles all week, the fridge is stocked with pumpkin beer, and I’ve had chili twice this week.  I am fully embracing it…white girl loving Fall up here in the Mid-Atlantic!

Happy Fall Y'all_2014Happy Fall y’all!